Thursday, December 06, 2007

Lessons learnt from reading the Richard Pryor Biography...

Don't leave your pet monkeys in the care of a crack dealer called "Dirty Dick"...
Mooney, who begrudgingly watched the animals whenever Shelley and I went out of town, resigned his caretaker post once I added Girlfriend* to the mix. In need of a babysitter for several weeks, I pressed Dirty Dick into service. He was my only option. Still I should've know better.
When I got back, both the monkeys were dead.
"They killed themselves," he said, "committed suicide."
"What?" I asked, shocked.
"Yeah", he said, pointing to a gas burner on the old stove in the middle of the kitchen.
"The accidentally turned it on and suffocated".
Pryor Convictions, (2005) p.118-119
*A female monkey Pryor bought to prevent his male monkey 'Boyfriend' fucking him in the ear all the time with his wee monkey dick.

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