Monday, October 30, 2006

Hen party enjoy an unforgettable big night out!

hey how do we get the kids' interested? superheroes of course, and below the grandaddy of do-gooding superhero advertising.

Never say yes to a cigarette

At least Nick O'Teen doesn't have an Irish accent, don't know where supes got that accent though

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My excuse for watching the OC, the comic book guff in it!


This post has to be dediacted to my wee sis KT because she always like The O.C. , where I was slightly disdainful because of all the whiny rich white people and the lack of robots (all current TV shows fail by this criteria).

Anyway caught a few episodes and was impressed, it's still white and nerdy but well made and addictive

had to send here my revised theme tune:

De Dedle De De DEEECalifornia blah blah blah

There's some ladies in a bra

and they walk past the camera

every twooo minutes

and there's a party in a big house

and some Water polo goons

and they punch the comic book guy

and then the other guy punches them.....theeeem

and the Sandy guy will sort it all out.

I was trying to explain one of the episodes I've seen to HH the other day and I must have sounded like a four year old "yeah there was the comic book guy and the woman wholooks like a cat who was in a porn movie whose marriedto Jim* from Neighbours and the guy who adopts all thewayward kids and his wife fancied the guy with thebeard and he was listening to the pixies and the kidswent to some pool party and fought and stuff...the end"

*I haven't done a scientific poll, but Alan Dale must be the luckiest Australian actor alive The OC and Lost? what's next? Alf from Home and Away as a hot ginger stud boinking Bree on Desperate Housewives?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Superfriends do

on of the best of these mash up cartoon things I've seen...

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Departed

those damn Oirish, always causin' trouble!...

Shite Spidey, where's me waaash board!

Shite Spidey One!

Oh! What will I wear?...

So the time of year is coming around, with Hallowe'en and all where on is expected to dress up for parties and stuff. My problem is, people expect me to have like a superhero costume already in my wardrobe. I have one of those them there inflatable Spider-Man's in my wardrobe, have often been tempted to climb inside it, not a fancy dress thing, just you know, for a laugh, it would probably be my last. Check above for some of the auld guff I found on ebay.

Thing about a Spider-Man costumes is the lack of drinking, smoking and oral fumbling holes, at least Batman and Superman suits are better in that respect. I'm planning on a kids' costume for comical effect, once saw Badbrute trying to fit a toddler's Spider-Man mask over his head and that was fun. Have to get a kid's Superman costume, that's what people wanna see the Chief at the door with his wee belly hanging out of a Superman top with a little cape the size of teatowel and the leggings riding up, god help us, it will happen! where's me Dredd costume when I need it.

Bono's got a rinky dink on his noggin

Bob's put up three of them great hate lists, see above and check out more on Bob Bryne's Clamnuts. Also check out his kid's book and his former grimy flat, loving the vid collection and oven,

Bob's hate list number one....

stay away freshers, we don't want your kissy boozy germs

Thursday, October 19, 2006

From the mouths of babes

Around this time of year it is better to go to ground, there's a lot of freshers around and they fuck around and drink lots and as we all know "shots and bjs spread diseases" but I was waiting for a bus (I don't do it often they are seriously mobile plague tins once winter sets in) today and overheard this conversation that had to be immortalised (christ Jimmny you're getting uppity? immortalised?) well not immotalised, merely put below for momentary amusement:

Him: foppish and skinny and posh and english

Her: hot and black and American.

Him: "Yeah, you should go to the Uni laundrette and stuff tomorrow at 7.30pm, my mates are doing a gig there and the union doesn't know about it or anything! They've got guitars and everything...but you mightn't like it?...

Her: How do you know what I like? I have very eclectic musical tastes, don't judge a book by its cover! (she had an friend behind her who repeated "yeah, don't judge a book by it's cover") What sort of music do you like?

Him: Emmmm errr (it's a simple question!)

Her: What's your favorite band?

Him: Emmmm errr (I way sure he would have an answer for this but, no)

Her: Are you going to Lava?

Him: I don't really dance...

Her: If you're there with me you'll dance...

Him: Emm err Like it'll rub off on me?...

Swear to god, ladies and gents, swear to god...

god, I hope it stays in the barn...I know every reviewer has says this, but male cows? don't the cgi lads want to animate large pulsing huge bull cocks or something?

Do know what I want to see at the movies....

a sort of cgi thing where some cute animals break out of an environment that they are comfortable in and spend 90 minutes (if that) as some sort of 'fish out of water' characters and learn some things, oh and can they make some postmodern jokes please.....

Finding Nemo

Shark's Tale



Open Season

Over the Hedge

Flushed Away

there's probably more that I forgot...

thanks cgi geeks, you could have created anything under then sun and thrilled our eyes and minds, but in the end, you couldn't be arsed....

I don't want to even go into what I'm sure is terrible racist anthropomorphic casting

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

can't wait till I finish the auld PhD so I can write papers on things like Belladonna's porn production company.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Borat - Dating Service

like a can of pepsi


high five!

Bo Selecta Mariliyn Manson

immature I know, but I can never stop laughing at this...poo poo

Grindhouse trailer

christ all my teenage videos have had an orgy in me brain!

Jimmny Nostalg-a-rama!

Back in the day I wrote for this great guy, top thriller writer pseudonames, Bubba Scrutt and Hunter T Crumb le Rue being merely two of them. I loved doing these apple mac clip art cartoons and it always irks me that this guy has made it a career in the Guardian! but whatta gonna do!

bubba scrutt's future!

visual viruses

bubba's world

six predicts

hunter 1

techno predictions 1

techno predictions 2

Jimmny's story....through hair!

Some deluded fools, when looking at my shaved noggin, ask: "What were you like with hair?" Answer...pretty much the same...but with bad hair. Check out my various hair experiments...

heeey whoose this crazy guy with his hair curtains they had to turned in every day with a least i had Guinness and the same brown leather jacket I wear till this day! circa 1995!

Me and Dan happy BA's with our top haircuts ready to take Ormeau Road by storm!

see most uni's are the same, check me and young fin in 1996! damn those old cameras with the date thing!

The Jimmny quiff part II with badbrute when he did his MA on Beckett, look at the state of me, I have had about 2 bottles of red wine at this stage though, and am probably about to puke up red goo....

my ill-advised (by myself) experiment with being beardy, look at that ginger chin ballbag, seriously no matter what your hair colour is dude, if you're Irish your beard is gonna come out ginger...

The current shaven-headed loon, look at the yul brenner noggin

Octcon madness with John Higgins, Harry Harrison and Anne McCaffrey

A few years back I went to Octocon the premiere Irish sci-fi fan convention. Below is two of my favourites. First up, me gurning like a loon with John Higgins. The name may not mean much to you but trust me, John Higgins is one of those unspoken heroes of British comics, a big Judge Dredd artist, a colorist on Watchmen, and A Killing Joke, and check it out I'm standing grinning like a fanboy right beside him. It's like 'touched by the hand of Brendan' (check that youse 2000ad geeks, if there be any out here).

Under that there's a pic of Harry Harrison and Anne McCaffrey. If you don't know who they are check out the wiki wiki style links. They both retired to Ireland for the quiet life and Guinness yet the mainstream of Irish society still beats the fuck out of us sci-fi geeks coz we don't like the GAA ....go figure!

Me and John Higgins, check out the grin on me! few can grasp the fact that I met a guy who was a Judge Dredd artist and worked on Watchmen and V for Vendetta!

Harry Harrison and Anne McCaffrey

Saturday, October 07, 2006

V for Vendetta

cause it's too late to watch the dvd again, booolix, bloody hell, johnny on the spot, that's quite enough of that etc.

Blocks and Bosoms: A vintage tale of Lego, Judge Dredd and Madonna's Sex Book.

As you may remember I got my feckin nice camera digitale stolen by person or persons unknown on the luas a while back and have an unhealthly urge for self-deprecation, I don't know why, maybe some lady might think it's cute and she might touch my rinky-dink before it falls off, i dunno. So when I was home recently I picked some fine old pics of me back in the day, including the below of me (passably) as Judge Dredd.

It was for a superhero night (yes kids they even had them back in 1994, but they were actually for people who liked superheroes back then not jocks with the money to spare to buy a bat-outfit down the local joke/sex shop and harrass ladies down the nite-club).

Anyway, i made this mostly out of cardboard, the only non cardboard elements are a bathroom chain and a flower pot for a helmet. I went down to crazy prices in Coleraine and tried on various sizes of flower pot until I found one that fitted correctly. I constructed this the same time as a crazy 2 foot fetish collage including images from Madonna's Sex book (check out how much this piece of flattened turd goes for now!). I had to get a special note from my supervisor as to why I needed to get the Madonna Sex book out of a special cage in the library. I photocopied photos of shaven headed black lesbians threatening Madge with knives, while GAA goons photocopied business studies pass paper exams, and got 74! who's laughing now? (Answer: they are they probably have wives/homes/cars by now) Note to self Jimmny, take heart they are still boring goms. I only mention it because the Judge Dredd costume and this fetishism project were both in the house the night I almost burnt it down, but that's a whole other story....

Oh and look below for a Lego space ship I made and got mam to take a picture of it as I was part of the 'Lego Club' and thought this monstrosity would get in the magazine and win a prize or something, I don't know what the prize was, probably getting to meet 'Mr. Lego' and getting to sit on his 'knobbly knee' or something. It didn't get it, but I like the fact that my Lego space ship has ordinary house lego windows. Yon Bobby Bryne did a great bit in Shiznit 1 about Lego losing
it's imagination, this is why it hit home. You used to use lego for anything it didn't have to be 'space lego' for it to be used in a spaceship in those days you know...

Hey ladies! I'm Judge Dredd, as you can see I was quite the ladies man at college...

Easy do it yourself at home Dredd outfit...

check it out space lego with ordinary house windows, those were the days....

Friday, October 06, 2006

What Have The Brits Done For Us?

More Bono bobbins...

Check it out, down below, yon Bob Bryne of Clamnuts Comics has entered my crazy excuse for a competition, some flarn's on the Bob! Clips below have finally surfaced relating to earlier posts, Youtube's taking it's time getting the clips up on blogger, heck it's a small price to pay for whatever magic digital glue they use to get clips on blogs. (Get these motherfucking clips on my motherfuckign blog etc.). Just back from Monaghan where I was observing the fun of Irish politics, waiting airports and seeing our own Telfon Taoiseach, god bless 'em: he bucked years of Irish politcal tradition by merely receiving money from members of the general public not taking it!

According to the CNN biography of Bertie: "Ahern is the son of a man who fought with the IRA in the war of independence." That's like everybody in Ireland.

yeah bono go get yer 'trout'

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Courtney Love on Pamela Andersons roast

Mr. Show - Titannica sketch

look at the wee limbs!