Thursday, July 24, 2008

"A couple of songs by a couple of prongs": The Genius of Adam and Joe's Song Wars....

..."sometimes they're 'brill-skills' sometimes they're turds."

If you are sad that BBC 3 seem fit to throw money as the likes of sucide-inducing Scallywagga, for that is its full title, whilst not comissioning MeeBox, at least Adam and Joe's Song Wars is on I-tunes! (and there's a Myspace page here)

Adam and Joe have a great knack of both reminding you of nostalgic madness you forget (e.g. I went to Paris on school trip one and did visit a European Supermarket which was as disorienting as the sonng 'European Supermarket' suggests, the face that a supermarket stocked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures was amazing to me, but not as amazing as a ferry bookshop that stocke Shaun Hutson's *'Spawn' ..bulbous heads all round ) and perfectly capturing modern-day annoyances, e.g. "I just downloaded a wicked song onto my mobile and now I'm going to play it loudly on the bus" from 'mobile speakers'

As a film geek the 'end credits of movies' war is one of my favorites, viddy

Adam's The Hours


Joe's The Shining!

*As if you didn't know where Garth Marenghi's Darkplace came from

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Horray for BBC's iPlayer....

For once a catch up on TV service (the new 2.0 streaming one rather than the 40D style download one) that doesn't crash your computer or demand you install large unreliable player software, so you know, you can actually watch the programs again and not just have program on the computer that uses all the memory without actually doing what it is supposed to. The highlight this week for me, with shifts all over the place temporally and geographically, is I can follow the fate that has befallen poor Pingu in Criminal Justice and the Imagine show on Werner Herzog

I suppose even since V, I just like the idea of a consecutive-night miniseries which you don't often get and in a way caters for the quick gratification box set crowd (which I would be if I could afford extortionate box set prices) well I do watch box sets but mostly in their static form in HMV.