Sunday, December 24, 2006

fog man's greatest fear....
fog fog the cloak of death

fog fog fog fog malevolent benefactor the raffles type character!

fog fog fog fog fog the curtain of sin..."five bob to you sir!"

that was until the invention in 1961 by Sir John Betjeman of the "fog horn"|

and here's how mr. Reeves and Mortimer appear on Fog-free tv, and if you do get trapped in your flat...try not to get trapped in your flat!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Christmas! although I notice DC comics have elected to jsut say 'Tis the Season', happy vague, nondemominational snowy santa type festival thing to you too then!

Leavin' on a tiny wee flybe plane....(hopefully)

Thought I should send wee 'Happy Christmas' to one and all that has the mis/fortune to read this site. have to hand in major stuff 30,000 finished words by January 3 so am frantically typing up notes etc so as to have to bring about 20 books on the wee flybe plane. In Dublin tonight with some of these fine folks (see below) boon companions from back in old days and all the days since!. Listening to the great Phantom Fm to gauge what's hot on the Dublin 'scene'.
Might get to meet up with a certain dumb riffer and a certain comic strip master

Books I've packed:

Lacan's Ecris

Bataille's Eroticism

Kaja Silverman's Male Subjectivity at the Margins

Susan Bordo's Unbearable Weight

Peter Brook's Body Work

Vicki Kirby's Telling Flesh

(I imagine my suitcase bursting open at the airport just as a a stereotypical American Cheerleader walks past and says "good luck with that" and then goes off and has losts of amazing sex....

playing with the idea of chucking in Powers of Horror as well but I think the above's enough . I'm gearing towards runnign through the hard core theory side rather than some of the stuff on sueprheroes and contemporary movies, because some of them just make me cry and i'm not lugging them to Monagahan and back, if I read once more that Robocop is 'invincible' I will crack up, have these film scholars not seen Robocop 2? where robo gets handed back to the cop shop in pieces ala C3p0 on chewies back? Not unlike Wolverine, Robocop's cyborg makeup allows him to suffer more pain and survive than normal humans, but that is surely fundamentally different than being invincible. I'm hoping that locked away in rural Ireland, away from broadband too many bad film books and my part-time work I can get back to writing stuff I really agree with and like rather than stuff I chrun out because I'm late for a deadline, my crazy red room, the first batcave awaits, hopefully it's many comics and hardback books on sciecne fiction will an inspiration!

Hope you all have a great Christmas and happy new year and that, thanks for putting up with the crazed Jimmny guff and bobbins for yet another year.

lorc and sinead

jb and lorcs

jonni dykes and lorcs

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thinks: mmmm must tamper with Mr. Jones' terrier...

Thank god for Natasha Lyonne...

at least she's interesting compared to stick insects like Kate Bosworth and dullards like Dunst, my favourite line from today's imdb story:

"She also stands accused of making threats to sexually molest a neighbor's dog during an argument two years ago"

That's the best way to end an argument ever, I'd just let her at it to see how one actually goes about such a threat. Why no reality TV show about her and Tara Reid yet?

dman microsoft

I Accept....wait a minute!

If aliens ever wanted to take over Planet Earth they would only have to add some small print to computer program installations like 'Yes I would like Windows Player Version 9....p.s. I also give the Bejazoids of Qwargu persmission to rip of my noggin and feed it to their Shantellix beasts for a laugh'. Spent far too much time this weekend reinstalling Windows XP (and clicking 'I accept' over and over again as I reinstalled all the programs) instead of going to Christmas parties, ah well for the best I have to hand in work on January 3 so need to make sure the auld laptop is in working order. Although I will try and get it done January 2 as I'll be 31 and don't want to spend my birthday writing PhD stuff, I want to have my usual birthday film festival this year I plan to watch:

V for Vendetta
The Big Lebowski

No surprises, but what a perfect triple bill, I may have to coax some family members to join me. In some hellish parallel universe there is a version of me that is planning to sit down with Robocop: Prime Directives and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen instead, poor bastard.

I am geeking out the new iTunes though which as a jukebox style flipping album covers thing going on that makes you feel more like your listenign to albums rather than fiddly downloads, so I'm jamming as many of my music collection into the laptop and thus cheating flybe's luggage restrictions by carrying lots of 'albums' without them weighing anything.

My music imbibing followed this sequence: The Pixies, Frank Black, Frank Black and the Catholics, The Breeders, They Might Be Giants, The Bonzo Dog Band, Lambchop, David Bowie, Half Man Half Biscuit, LCD Soundsystem, Fabriclive etc etc. My Party Shuffle currently rocks!

Friday, December 15, 2006

OK Go - A Million Ways 'Back Yard Dance'

yeah, but it's not as good as the Ray D'arcy one...

Ray D'Arcy and Crew Go

they did a good job, but proof if proof be need be that Irish DJ will not only jump on bandwagons but lay barb wires in the tracks so they can hijack bandwagons and eat their oily bones

Podge and Rodge - GIC

gee bag

Podge and Rodge - Richie Kavannagh on Ballydung Idol

this was Irish TV, but it's like something I imagined! poor Ritchie Kavanagh can hardly move poor bastard, ten years on and it's the same tune, don't get me started on his 'i-am-bic pentamiter'

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Waa haaa captain hero from Drawn Together and more crazy elements from the superman chapter below.

Hero Squared

Muhammad X


must be less perfect!...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

I can read your thoughts!


Not tonight dear, I haven't got the right bits....

As Nathan Barley would say 'goin' dark', no blogging for a bit: going home for wedding of two of friends from way back in the day in lovely Downpatrick. More mad Superman themed blogging as I finish the supes chapter, check this great site, Superman Through the Ages has scanned old Superman comics and everything, more information to collate...great! In the meantime why don't consider the conundrum of Superman's mermaid girlfriend Lori Lemaris, what do they get up to: read the story here.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Wonder if the script writers were lauging whilst coming up with the name 'bark bent'

super teacher, if only....

The Teaches of Peaches....

Had to do a sort of blurb thing for the art college teach at to describe my work! Not as easy as it sounds, I couldn't very well say "my research interests include reading She Hulk comics with my wee paws down my pants, could I?"

My work combines feminist, psychoanalytic and gender studies approaches within the area of what is broadly known as 'corporeality' or 'body' theory and applies them through close textual analysis to contemporary movies, animation and comic book texts in the broad genre of fantasy, science fiction and horror.

My seminar sessions will take contemporary texts such as superhero movies and comics, fantasy cinema and animation and consider such issues as body image, genre, consumption and fandom through encouraging students to critically assess this pervasive popular medium in terms of gender and body image.

"P.S. I *heart* Mucky Books"

balls hate when all this admin stuff piles up when I'm trying to write, I'll get aout 8,000 words of a 15,000 word chapter in today. Was supervising a mature student day and her kid came and he was running around the room like a loon in his 'Bob the Builder' coat and turning off and any electrical appliances he could find in the room: fans, computers, the fecking expensive electrontic data projector! the student just igonored him like he wasn't doing anything wrong while I'm trying to discuss corporeality and gender issues.

Snuff Box- Quest for the Silver Cowboy Boots

back chat and ball ache over some Silver Cowboy boots, hell's teeth man!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

say hello to my little friend! hoorary for the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II.

'and don't fall down, cause you're just gonna have to get up again!'

"oh non would you care to carry my flags for me...there's a good chap! I'm hoping to get a birdie on the 47th hole of galactic villian golf, don't worry about ursa she's singing a song of lost love to that astronaut": Late night DVD frame capture thoughts