Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Christine Jorgensen Story 1970 Trash Movie Trailer

Pull the Strings!!!Glen or Glenda?

Ah no blogs today my time has gone away...have been sorting out teaching most days with the odd great gig in between, but while researching for my gender identity unit found some great google videos including:

Glen or Glenda? (1953)

The Lavender Lens (1995)

The Blue Angel(1930)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man from Deep River/Deep River Savages - alternate trailer

got this from Poundland, love the Planet of the Apes style...I'm a human being not a fish man style stuff...'murderers!...murderers!...'

Free Enterprise trailer

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fresh Tim and Eric Madness,

Was trying to put the new Ben Folds video "You Don't Know Me" (Feat Regina Spektor) by Tim and Eric (because if represents two of my favorite things colliding) up here but it got taken off the auld youtube for some reason, but it's up on Tim and Eric's Website and can be seen here.

Badbrute also alerted to me to the madness of Tim and Eric's Dancefloor Dale video from Warp: with the missive: We've hosted the video here as it keeps getting banned elsewhere due to some explicit scenes (Allegedly). Warp and Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric) would like to urge you that it's probably not safe for work-depending on where you work of course. Oh and there are flashing lights.

See it here.

Tim and Eric also had a live show here
AVClub Interview with some of the greatest Tim and Eric clips. Tim also does a bizarre anti-stand-up act called Theidecker. Eric's youtube channel. and The Guardian did a article on them recently with quotes from Graham Linehan and Dr. Buckles. Speaking of Adam and Joe, get to the cinema early and you get a minute version of their BBC6 radio show as part of the BBC ad, thank god it's not Chris Moyles anymore!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Soap box gigs

Just a quick one, in the middle of starting a new unit I designed on gender identity and transgenderism which I'm looking forward to, we'll see if the students will. Have a nice gig tonight at St. Gregory's Centre for the Arts, where I'm described as: Lorcan McGrane: A deliciously deviant wordsmith who has been grafting a name for himself around Norwich, known for tackiling the most inappropriate of subject matter with side-splitting results.

Also on the poster for the all day Soapbox on October 18th! see above.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Graphic Design and font madness

Started teaching in a rural art college last week, taught there last term, it's a bit nuts, up at 5-6am 40 minute walk to train station, 45 minutes on the train and then 20 min walk to the college. Last year it's where I came up with must of the stand-up in my head walking to work with Lambchop on the ole ipod. It's weird being back, both staff and students seem suprised that I am back for another term, and it's earned me a certain amount of vague kudos among them. Being back for a second year means I'm more confident in trusting my own judgment in what to teach. Not being a graphic design practicioner (although did once get 85 in a graphic design module) I kind of feel out of place but I try to get the students enthusiastic about people like Chip Kidd and stuff like the Helvetica doucmentary. It's good as well to get to show some of my favorite designs and posters etc., like this one for The Birds

this baby of course, can't find examples on google right now but this two tone fecker and its clones was all over the shop a few years ago.

What's funny for me in all the Graphic Design books they don't go into the classic book covers, my that I mean the classic book covers, forwith:

and this: