Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mason vs Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder)

I'm a big Princess Superstar fan, since the classic Bad Babysitter. Maybe this techno madness might increase her fan base, this is on MTV dance a lot when I work in the grad bar, people probably want me to turn it over...I'm not gonna...

Princess Superstar - Perfect

and here's the original.

CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

Quite like this song and there playing at UEA soon and am sorely tempted...

Some urgent news just in....

.....from the essays I’ve just been marking:

“Da Vinci was an inventor and explorer way before his time”

“There is scientific evidence of a biological link between foot, genitals and the brain, maybe pouring some light onto the fixation many people have with feet”

“Dieting started in America when people in the rest of the western world started to frown upon their expanding waistline"

“The high heel is notorious for it’s slick black shining appearance (a look many psychologists link to the look of the skin during orgasm”

“Teenagers of today grow up fast”

“The history of the corset dates as far back as Cretan time BC”

“The human mind is the most powerful tool known to man, and can change everything”

“Around this time the first topless photograph was taken,”

I always fear my comments might come across as pernickety, but I suppose that’s what one is there for while marking, you’ll have to imagine the sort of essays I was reading when I made these comments.

“When analysing films get characters’ names right, it’s Jabba the Hutt, not “Jabber”

“Julia Kristeva never wrote about Alien, Barbara Creed’s book the Monstrous Feminine has readings of Alien drawn from Kristeva’s Powers of Horror.”

The ship in Alien is The Nostromo, the ship’s computer is “Mother”.

When discussing Andrew Barton’s work there is very uncritical descriptions, were there not feminist criticisms with the thinking behind ‘Hypothesis’: ‘I have expended eleven litres of sperm on my fellow females, the number being irrelevant’

Men and woman are the same species (Homo sapiens) but different sexes within that species, they are not different species as you claim.

Use a dictionary to check word usage and spelling, e.g it’s ‘worn’ not ‘warn’, ‘until’ not ‘an till’, ‘proper’ not ‘pooper’.

You may not believe it but I really want to give marks away, any good attempt gets good marks from me, but if I read another vague Wikipedia inspired stream of consciousness spiel that reads like a drunken pub conversation transcribed I’ll go crazy! Still at least they’re done, now back to writing!. Where I'll have to learn to take my own nitpicking advice.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SNL - Digital Short - A Special Christmas Box *Uncensored Ve

graham linehan posted this a while back on his great blog, reminds me of Naked Video for some odd reason

ye olde ireland courtesy of pete!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Hot Fuzz Trailer

Howdy Doody!

Back I am, after a long spate of only putting up youtube madness. Have been mental busy and as we all know January is pretty grim so there's no point putting up insane moaning sleeped deprived rants about how busy/tired I am (what like that never stopped me before).
Anyway January's almost over and things to look forward to:

Frank Black Album /DVD Christmass February 5
Hot Fuzz February 16
LCD Soundsytem at UEA March 11
St. Patricks Day March 17
Someone touching my rinky dink before it falls off 2053

Hey Katie! you're never gonna be in a successful movie again! not when the Cruiser's around ya'dig!
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The Cruiser versus Batsy

So Katie Holmes isn't going to be in Dark Knight...sweet! She ruined Batman Begins, for each time I saw her prominently framed nipples under tight tops, all I could think was 'eeuuuwh' wee Tom Cruise has just been slobbering all over those like Stewie from Family Guy.

From Superhero Hype:

Holmes' Spokeswoman on The Dark Knight
Source: The Wall Street Journal
January 26, 2007A spokeswoman for Katie Holmes has given The Wall Street Journal a comment on why she won't be returning as Rachel Dawes in the Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight."We never got to the negotiating stage" for the film, said Julie Polkes, Holmes' representative. "Katie was offered ["Dark Knight"] but was unable to accept the role because of scheduling conflicts. She was in the process of negotiating for another project.Instead, Holmes will star in "Mad Money" with Queen Latifah which starts shooting in a couple of months with a budget of only $12 million.

I presume the conversation in the Cruise household went something like: "ahh, Katie I can't have you threaten my box office again in 2008 and I don't want you hanging out with someone who can be cooler than me so's some shit-com with Queen Latifah, do that, it could be the next Taxi or maybe even Bringing Down the House!"

EuroTrip Trailer

Europe=8 Countries?
Where did they find that David Spade-a-like?
1.40 or so in this one

Smokin' Aces Extended Trailer 2

round about 1.15.
Anyway, they're never be a great hitman movie like this until thay make pat mills and tony skinner's 'Accident Man'.

Pen Marker Hitler Taches...scrrech

You may be wondering why I am torturing you with none one but two terrible movie trailers above: Eurotrip and Smokin' Aces. Although I did get to watch some decent films over the Christmas, (myself and KT watched V for Vendetta, a highlight), I often ended up watching things like Rendez View with Greg Proops or marvelling at how more explicit yet still horrifically unsexy the babestation type channels are, the more they gyrate the more the sets are in danger and you can see them bumping into the next cubicle in some sort of terrible soft porn version of Office Space. I normally end up watching the fundamentalist Christian channels at four in the morning for a laugh.

I have discovered 5 am is the death knell of fun drunking TV watching, once puppets or education enteres the picture you can forget about any enjoyment. I know far too much about Lazytown already for a man of my vintage. The problem is at 5am, all you can do is stare at the screen and think, but why? is it called lazy town when all these scary puppets and bulging gay muscle men are hyperactive as fuck, and what's wrong with all their fuckign faces etc. etc.

Myself and wee sister KT ended up watching Eurotrip at like 4 in the morning over Christmas and I honestly thought it was hilarious. You just knew going into it the stereotypes were going to be terrible. It is a great movie to watch with someone who hasn't seen it and and say with each change of country, 'right England, what do you reckons gonna be there?': Vinnie Jones and Football Hooligans; check, Amsterdaam: S&M and Drugs, check. etc. Thank god they didn't get to Ireland or they'd probably get bumattacked by Leprecahaun IRA men drinking poitin.

Of course the most outrageous is the wee German kid who for no reason decides to screech on a wee Hitler tache with marker and goosestep about the place.

Who'd a thunk it but 3 years later Smokin' Aces uses exactly the same joke! Smokin' Aces! I gotta see this film, I have to see a film that steals from Eurotrip. You bet I'm waiting for Epic Movie.


great to hear some pistolero...

Frank Black-a-pollza!!

As anyone who has been forced to read these pages must agree, I am something of a Frank Black fan. So the Frank Black dislikers are advised to skip the copious youtubage below.

The great Adam Buxton has created a dedicated music channel, Jimmy Bignutz, on his YouTube Channel, which is mostly Frank Black. Previous mention of Jimmy Bignutz is to be found on the hilarious Adam and Joe podcasts in one of the 'real or rubbs' quizzes.

Enjoy Vinyl Justice meets Frank Black with his love of One Foot in the Grave and thankful ignorance of 'Beadle's About'. This was for me a momentus meeting, the cultural ramifications of which I have discussed previously.

Lovely Frank Black stuff from previous bits:

Baaadaad in Doggone

Chris Ware-style Frank Black Poster

Fast man Raider Man

Crazy Frank Black linkage

A Happy Boy

Honey Comb

Must lie down and calm myself until Christmass


The notorious Jimmy Bignutz brings us an amazing narra-tune from the great Frank Black!


Frank Black Don't Get Me Wrong

first of two from the new Frank Black album/dvd thwang

Frank Black (Do What You Want) Gyaneshwar

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here I am about to smite some heathens with my holy water!

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howdy sugar tits cum see me movie

From the Desk of Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson

"Howdy Sugar Tits and Toffee Knobs...."

Just a little note to encourage you all to see my movie
Apocalypto if you haven’t already, it’s great and a lesson to all of you that insist on following heathen ways: you’re destined to have your home pillaged, your women raped, be painted blue and yer gizzard torn out by a man in a scary mask up a pyramid thingy. Don't say I didn't warn ya. The Catholic faith doesn't have any gorey blood sacrifice at all....well maybe it does a bit, but it's proper blood sacrifice with a cross and stuff and no blue paint...maybe some annointing oil, but no blue paint, so it's the one true blood sacrifice ya hear. Oh and spears...see we're civilised use utensils for our torture not our bare hands.

Apocalyptois a realistic and historically accurate story about semi-naked heathens who go around beating the shit out of each other and eating tapir balls, seriously man, I went over to darkest Mexico and saw if with my own eyes. Thank God the Catholics came over there and civilised the place or you and I would have to eat tapir balls every day, think about that the next time you’re in McDonalds! (or maybe not it could well be tapir balls).

Hey ladies,
Apocalypto is for you to! I care about you ladies, I’m real gentlemanly like. You ladies should stay out of trouble, that’s why the main female character spends most of the film down a dark hole, pregnant and taking care of babies the way god meant it to be so men can get on with hunting raping, fighting and killing, it's for the best you'd only get in they way with your fancy jewellery and stuff.

And check this out, those old heathens were totally shitting themselves over some vengeful deity that will kill them if you don’t do what he says...wait a minute.

Your pal in Christ


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fantastic Four 2 trailer

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just watched the Devil and Daniel Johnson on More 4, shoulda been writing but it sucked me in, excellent stuff.

Daniel Johnston - Rock This Town

I have bamboozled google by calling my base of operations 'the batcave, norwich', honestly how could they not know where the batcave is...