Monday, July 31, 2006

The Colbert Report

More comedy and comics connections! Joe Quesada on The Colbert Report

Adam and Joe flyer

Adam Buxtom and dad Nigel...

Cosmic Comic Comedy Connections!

I can never figure out if people like the same the sort of pop culture because they have a certain sense of humour or if absorbing a certain sort of popular culture creates a sense of humour. Whatever the reason, I don't care the geeky stuff that me and my friends like is all coming to the fore.

This has been facilitated in a 'Six Degrees of Separation' styleee Look at the Adam and Joe connection: Baaadaad meets Frank Black, see below. Adam Buxton does stuff with Armando Inannucci for the much anticipated (by me) Time Trumpet. Joe Cornish is cowriter for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man see Superhero Hype interview here (where they don't seem to quite grasp Cornish's comedy chops). It neatly connects the triad of my life! (comic book movies==>alternative media comedy==>pixies)

don't worry I have nore stuff about hot pants and horniness below all the Frank Black and Baaaadaaad pics, put check out the great video for 'Dog Gone'

An historic date...

A meeting of minds...


'Ahh now Armanac is a very nice brandy...'

And here it is below!

Frank Black and the Catholics - Dog Gone

Maybe that's why I love Adam adn Joe so Much, just keep being geeky for so long and you'll end up directing a Frank Black video or writing Ant Man!

Why don't they write books like this anymore?! I'd read'em

But it's too late, becuase I've seen everything....

Aw jeez, hungover horniness is there any cure?

...because, seriously I need it, in this heat, hot pants and scantily clad ladies abound. I have a terrible habit (along with all the others) of not being able to internalise dodgy thoughts (yeah, I do actually keep some dark thoughts inside my noggin and not blurt them out through the auld blab blogosphere) see my previous tussles with 'fist-biter blues'. I remember once while hungover walking up a hill with a coworker and there was a hot girl in the distance and I made a very audiable 'aaaah jezus' exclamation when I meant not say it out loud.

Anyway, it seems I contract almost debilitating hung-over horniness in this weather (or any weather come to think about it). Last week, I was going up to open up the bar, it's up a flight of steps. I was surviving a hangover after Dr. Pepper's going away party (the gods of Norwich didn't want him to leave and hence the big bad forky lightning extravaganza)--ended up in the Alibi* it doesn't have website but here's one from a probably better one . Anyway there was a pretty girl ascending the steps ahead of me in a very short skirt. In the words of Patrick Stewart in Extras 'it was too late I saw everything' . I think she was Brazilian, but her nationality and down below topiary did not align so to speak. I spent the first few hours of my shift making that face that Dougal makes in the classic Speed 3 episode of Father Ted ' Wait a minute those ladies were in the nip!'

*Although I really enjoyed a return to auld Alibi cause it was a good chance to ctach up with the likes of Joe, Dr. Pepper and Dr. Al, I did miss a chance to go to a superhero party where I missed a chance to see a French girl I know in a Wonder Woman outfit, perhaps this is where my affliction resurfaced. Aw well, I'm sure there'll be other superhero parties. Everyone assumes I have a superhero costume for such things, I dress up as a superhero so I don't need 'em.

The Baron

It's 'Boy Name Sue'-Lite with Johnny Cash singing 'maybe you'd shoot straighter than you dooo' to an abandoned kid/pool hustler, but pool and 1980s freeze-frames save them all hooray!

Monday, July 24, 2006

before the issue of superhero costumes is laid to rest (as if it ever would be) from "Oh Lord. When nerds discover their inner babe and unleash about a decade of unused libido on to the world it makes every hot girl you know seem like a haggard old spinster whose pussy is sealed shut with venereal warts. This girl would be the Fabreg� Egg of blowjobs."

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Johnny Cash & The Monkees

where the fuck's tork? The Best of the Monkees was the first album I ever had, and I saw their last reunion tour in Belfast in 1997, Mike Nesmith's a genius: his mam invented tippex, he invented MTV and see the great Irish Language Lab he made down below, obviously Cash is great too... Jones and Dolenez can go fuck 'emselves...they's mooks

Mike Nesmith and Frank Zappa on

Ahh I see where Vic and Bob get it from?...

Irish Language Lab - The Funny Boys

Potatoes! beeb!

I'm flyin' down to Rio some day, Jimmny's First holiday?

Check out this place from the Guardian story Sex museum plan sparks Rio row the story says:

Plans to erect the "interactive" Cidade do Sexo (City of Sex) just off Copacabana beach have divided Rio de Janeiro - a city renowned for its sensuality, but also one keen to crack down on sex tourism and child prostitution.

Boasting strip joints, sex "capsules" and a swingers' club - all packed into a futuristic, phallus-like white labyrinth - the planned museum resembles an oversized set from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange.

I'm sure I'll be able to afford a holiday when this monstrosity is built, but I gotta go there! where's Norwich sex musuem? there's alwasy Prince of Wales road, but that's more of a sex car crash rather than a sex musuem

Melaine Hill of Big Brother one, she didn't win, but then again who actually 'wins' in Big Brother?

Mel B almost has a 'Janet Jackson' at Nelson Mandela's concert thing 'free Nelson's Mandelas'?

Girl Power and all tha' shite....

Poor wee Nicola star of 'Big Bugger'

Maybe I notice hot black women a bit too much....

But I had to point out that RTE Entertainment news story on Mel B dating Eddie Murphy actually featured a picture of Melaine Hill of Big Brother 1 'fame' and not Mel B of Spice Girls fame (I never found her 'sacry' but then my definitions of fear are not the same as those of the Smash Hits editorial gang). I thought it was enough of an Irish-interest 'news' story to put it up on The Community at Large observe I inflammatory headline: So RTE thinks all black women look the same?... damn many I'm wrong and Mel B's just had a nose job?

Speaking of Big Brother 1, whatever happened to shaven-headed loon, Nicola Holts? why she 'starred' in a British porn film called Big Bugger (classy). In the parlance of Spinal Tap she's must be in 'Where are they (having sex) now file?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Tony Blair and George Bush G8 Bush's Slip Of The Tongue

I know you've seen it before, but look at this Nero chomping on his grits or chicken wings or whatever and not giving a flying fuck!ps Blair's shiteing himself!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Would baby like some cheeseburgers and ludes? ahh huahhh

The History of Superheroes Via the medium of horrific kid's superhero costumes...

I've never got dressing up kids is extreme costumes, maybe it's being in Northern Ireland for a bit and seeing sectarian bibs saying 'I'm a loyalist!' or some such! Anyway when doing my Adam Buxton post the Adam and Joe Xfm page has a fun link to Annies Costumes which has some costumes that some mentalist parents would deem cute but I would see as a horrific imposition of geeky obessions unto poor impressionable kids like the Future American Idol costume! Anyway I somehow thought it would be constructive to tell the story of Superheroes through these monstrosities! enjoy, if that indeed is possible...

In the beginning there was Supey Baby and Bat Baby and they were 'The World's Finest' (at pooing themselves)

They grew up and founded the Toddler's Justice League of America...

Then those upstart Marvel Babies turned up 'Hulkie Baby', 'A'm Kaptan Uhmerica' and 'Spidey-Baby'

Thankfully the League of Super-Babysitters is on hand to mop up Kyptonite spew and deal with spidey-babies embarrassing 'accidents'

Monday, July 17, 2006

Someone tell Sam Jackson he's my bro

Get these motherfuckin' snakes off my motherfuckin' plane, if only U2 would sing about this instead of streets and sundays, bloddy sundays

I've finally gone and done it...

I've figured out how to put you tube clips on my site, hooray! so enjoy the below classic and some new clips from the great Adam Buxton and Armando Iannunci, enjoy sucking out some minutes from your time and using them to convert them into giggling some dudes.

Adam and Joe - Bobby Deniro

oooooh he's a lovely persoin a really good actor!


But I'm having supper with the queen, and jesus will be there and superman and davina macall so you see, I couldn't come I simple couldn't! Toodles!


Get me Carr! Please! Please! Please!


The classic Buxton track, dismissed by a channel 4 researcher as 'pretensious bollix' what is he/she doing now? probably in charge of the friday night comedy lineup!


damn those evil cath-o-lics


ding ding the bell of life chiming

Hello Hugh!

Hello Hugh! 'In those days the Internet was in black and white...'

The Adam Buxton-a-thon

If you are of a certain age, then Adam and Joe were a touchstone of the funniet thing ever. The best thing is that they continue in the blog-blabosphere, like with Adam and Joe podcast. Adam's been busy with some great you tube videos, not to mention the I, Pavel show which produced this great Pavemon short). I have (hopefully) embedded above. One of the best things is the links between Buxton and Armnado Iannucci, whose Armando Iannancui Shows was one the best Channel 4 comedy shows ever. Criminally not on DVD yet? yet we can buy all of Last of the Summer Wine on DVD down the BBC shop if we were senile and we liked sitcoms about smelling of piss in a bath. There's a new show planned called Time Trumpet, where the likes of Buxton and Matthew Holness and the great Richard Ayoade reminess from 2050 on the events of today in the manner I hope in the manner of Hugh!

Anyway Adam Buxton's got a great Blog. And it's great.

I'm going now byee!

Christ! you'd have to have She Hulk bounding over the background to kick Robocop's metal ass (and then fall in love with him) to make this pic any more a combination of my geek obsessions)

It's last year's, but I've no camera so you'll just have to transport that look of joy mentally to a pic of me holding a cover of fast man raider man

Frank Black

Anyone who knows me will know of my love of The Pixies/The Breeeders/Frank Black but I will often make the point of saying to Pixies fans that a lot of Frank Black's solo albums have easily equaled the Pixies stuff. Understandably in the geek/indie circles I (whenever I get out of my room) travel in this is heresy. But year in year out, Black has produced great albums always either in summer or september (god when he relased Black Letter Days and The Devil's Workshop on the same day, heady times). Anyway, before today when I bought Fast Man Raider Man I was satiating myself with the Frank podcast which rules, interviews, raities the whole show.

What is it about Frank Black I love? god knows, the Pixies were one of the first bands I really liked in college whe I was 17, in many times of craziness, the schreeching sounds of Frank Black were what kept me sane. I remember buying a cassette of Teenager of the Year in a Monaghan music shop where they placed in the Irish Female Folk section because they mixed him up with Frances Black.

I don't know, he's the perfect combination of all my inetrests: country, sci-fi, geekyness, americana? but there is not a night's writing that doesn'tn go by where putting all of mister black's oeuvre dosne't make it go abit quicker!

sir rockaby


Libby's Audition

the genius of Parker Posey

Got dialogue? I don't....

Gimme some o' that earth sun motherfucker, ooh yeah!

Super Mother Fuckin Sunday!

You know what the best Sundays are? the one's where it's so good you forget it's Sunday. The ones that don't involve looking at T4 and Lost repeats and sleeping and waiting until it's all over because the horror of Monday mornings is fun compared to the gaping void of Norwich Sundays.
Anyway this Sunday was diffrent 12-4 working at the Rose for their busy roast shift meant a free pint and a free roast, free food is so good, but I still couldn't finish it. The esteemed 'Double H' called by as we were going to see Superman Returns. I, of course, was in my Superman T-Shirt,*hardcore* we went to HMV first where, in a moment of schronicity, the new Frank Black Album Fast Man Raider Man I was looking for was in a section under a big Superman logo (remember them before the wee leathery lookin' one?) which was made up out of many DVD covers, I mistakenly grabbed one thinking it was some sort of 20 DVD £500 all of Superman/Superboy/Superpup/Superdog shows on DVD ever, it wasn't, it was just a display. Double H nabbed Spaced series two for £5.99, the most amazingest purchase. More of Frank Black above.

(spoilers, ahead, maybe, I don't know 'spoilers' for me are kids who say to their mams 'that bit woz in de trailer!' really loudly, what the fuck! what'd do they fuckin' want a fucking biscuit for remembering something they saw on TV an hour before they saw the movie??)

Anyway on to Superman Returns, a great film, all I can honestly say was 1. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would do. 2. I wasn't whooping in the aisles as much as I thought I would be, but I genuinely liked it. The Christian allegory is more of the 'yeah so what' variety, it's more a question why it was highlighted so much in the media, plus the fact that surely a hero that gets all his power from our sun (sun worshipper?) is more pagan than anything. Another thing that throws a super-spunk spanner in the Jesus works is why is the film is so forceful in making sure we know Superman has fathered a son (out of wedlock no less), just to make sure we don't think he's gay, which ironically makes him seem more gay--man I've met a lot of old gay Irish guys who've abandoned families after 'accidentally' getting married and 'accidentally' fathering kids and giving me grief over my preferences.

This may be stereotypical but the interior design in this movie is to fucking die for. As I said of X-Men III, Singer would have spent a week designing a gun or a door and Ratner would have probably scribbled something with crayon on a bit of toilet paper while having a really watery shit that he thought had ended, but it hadn't.

Superman Returns could have been so wrong but Singer made the best of it without a single prominent American Flag (?) but not as much adult banter as I would have liked. He must love James Marsden (he gets more action in this than X-Men 3) and 'the munchen' is the least annoying 'knows-a-little-bit-too-much-for-his-age' child star of recent memory. Props also for the best Perry White and Jimmy Olsen also, but who wears wee bow ties these days? I know it adds to the timelessness of it all, but who ever wore wee bow ties like that?. Wanted him to say to Perry after he took that pic of Supes carrying the Daily Planet globe: "Is that iconic enough of ya?!?" The facetious part of me, which is a large part, wanted to see Supes take an impromtu zero-gravity piss behind a metorite on his long trip to nowhere.

Kate Bosworth was surprisingly good, but too young and not smart enough, and what about that fucking fainting bit?. Spacey was fucking great, but the only genuine cheer I made during the credits was for Parker Posey, 'teacher's pet, i wanna be teacher's pet'. And what about that almost-like Lost comeuppance for them? And what about the whole anti-smoking biz, do you know a good journalist that doesn't smoke? I thought the boz was fitting that bill, then the taxi driver started the whole explosion with a misplaced stogie and one of the (unspeeking) henchmen gets killed by stealing a big luthor half-smoked stogie. It's like Becker when Ted Danson gets to almost light up but never does, just to show he's a human-hating doctor.

In conclusion one wants, fuck that! I want, to see the humour and charm of Superman: The Movie and Superman II merged with this cgi. But thinking of it, I did believe as a kid a man could fly as a jaded 30-year-old I believed a couple of million dollars of cgi effects could fly but not a man! Kneel before Zod! rack up them peanuts for the evil bar Superman.

At least I can read this Dial B for Blog review now!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

colin murray dance

The Badbrute alerted to me to the prescence of this mental video, thanks, now I can't get this eurotrash tune outta me head.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Was trying to find a pic to put a good spin on the whole PhD gig and this seemed to fit the bill...

Jimmny Tells All!

Read How to get away with doing a PhD on Superheroes on The Community at Large "an Irish community weblog bringing you anything worth looking at which anyone can sign up to and post news and links" and see that some people did actually read it all the way through without bawking at my guff. Was good to write a straightforward nonacademic article, hopefully it's not too mawakish and autobiographical!

Starsky or Hutch I can never remember?...

Heat Vision and Jack.

Frat back youtube blowout

Once you search 'Ben Stiller' on you tube, that's it, you find tonnes of comedy gold, that, if you're like me you have to share with you my homies and the blogosphere at large. First up is the sublime Die Hard 12: Die Hungry and his version of U2 singing a Lucky Clovers ad, but no one seems to have the courage to tell American's that we (the Irish) didn't even hear about lucky clovers until the early 1990s. Then there's counting with Bruce Spingsteen. Oh then there's Ben Siller on the Today show Duplex seems like a shit movie but to see 2 of the funniest men in America talk is joy. The best of all is 'I'm less of a double, more of a 'oneble' bit from the MTV awards.

Oh and this, if you haven't seen it is Heat Vision and Jack the best TV show never made, ever. There's more info on Rob Sharb's great site which also includes info on his Robot Bastard
and Ringwald and Molly and Death Cab for Cutie's "Crooked Teeth"
And as if you didn't see it and if you walked out in the cinema, and didn't watch the DVD 'cause, it's made its like made like that it's multilayed here's the milkshake bit from Dodgeball.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Who likes short shorts?..bapp bapp bapp baaa we like short shorts....bapp bapp bapp baaa

The great Meg(abyte)

Lost cat...

The Wit and Wonder of Norwich

When you skulk around Norwich as much as I do, and you happend to have a wee policeman-style notebook about your person as I happend to do, it's tempting to use it for more than writing down quotes from Trancers III * like noting down conversations I overhear on the highways and byways of Norwich. Like these two jokers, a couple walking towards The Waffle House:

Barefoot girl: If you go to the Waffle House, you expect waffles..."
Mook boyfriend: "You do expect waffles"

Next up was a couple I was walking behind across from the Theatre Royal.

She was a statuesque German girl in a pair of hot pants that could literally stop all wars on the planet if they were filmed and projected on giant plasma screens suspended from diribles hovering across the problem spots of the world, I am not exaggerating, I nearly went blind on the spot. Anyway she's with some English guy and I'm thinking to myself, what scintillating conversation is he coming out with to capture the attention this sexbomb:

"yeah...ummm...the parking in this area is very reasonable...."

What the fuck, the parking this area is very reasonable!! why the fuck aren't you two home fucking? It is like Alan Partridge rants on the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre, only in reality and ten times more depressing. That guy is probably at home now drinking some Adams (3.7 percent wow!) and watching a documentary on steam engines while she is flicking herself stupid and he's going 'ummm I think I might watch the special Late Night Gardeners' World and he's reading the synopsis:

"In this last show before the summer break Monty, Joe and Carol make a virtue of the later time slot by looking at evening gardening as well as preparing Berryfields for the summer break."

most shows 'make a virtue of the later time slot' with gratuitous sex and violence not 'preparing Berryfields' but he probably thinks it's a great idea.

And finally, there's the lost kitten poster attached to posts around Unthank Road:

'Help I'm Lost! I'm a kitten and my owners really want to find me, will you look in your garden or shed for me"

Now I'm a total cat person, I mean look at this fine cat we have at home (it's got one eye and half an arse, hardcore cat, it 'got in a fight'). But cut the middle class talking through your pets crap. Just say say your cat is lost don't write a fucking poster from the cat's perspective. My reaction to this poster is not, wow I must look out for that cat, but sorry my feline buddy, i'm ignoring 'your' little poster why?

A: You're a cat!
B: You're lost: how the fuck did you find a digital photo of yourself attach it to a poster and type it out with your wee lost paws.
C: You're a fucking cat!!

What am I gonna do, if I find this cat and say, are you the cat that wrote that poster? do you want to use my computer to write a 'found' poster to your deluded 'modern parents'.

It's like those parents that write letters from the persepective of their kids so it gets on TV shows and it's like 'hello I'm am two years old and I really love Blue Peter and watch it every day from my Fisher Price gym' because they didn't get a letter onto Blue Peter.

There is obviously great thinks about Norwich, on the same day I got Volumes 1 and 2 of Vintage Thurber (1974 editions with dust jackets) at a church book fair for 50p each! (score) I seem to be the only one pleased about this but they rock!

*Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson): "You're a big man around here Godzilla...I'm impressed..."
Shark (R.A. Milailoff): "Compared to you I'm big everywhere..."
Jack deth: "I don't know what you need more, a personality or a bullet in the head...."
Shark (in a robotic voice): "I'"

and Jack deth: "You'll see me again Alice, you're the best thing that's happened to me in two centuries".

Friday, July 07, 2006

Far out

Iron Man

First look at Iron Man....

As you may know Jon Favreau has been attached to direct Iron Man and has been using Myspace and a fair dash of his astute humour to document/publicise the movie. Check out his Myspace profile for updates such as the above amazing sneak peek at an Iron Man production sketch. There's also a Myspace Group. He writes:

This drawing was done by my four year old son, Max. This first image should put to rest any doubts that I am in fact the right director for this project. As you can see, the design wasstrongly influenced by the Granov/Extremis incarnation of the GoldenAvenger. I've also incorporated certain key aspects of the Ultimates,as the design lends itself easily to cinematic interpretation. Finally, for you purists, I've maintained the round chest light as atip of the hat to Marvel's Silver Age.

Ahh this is reminding me of Swingers must watch it again although Mikey's phone call just gets more and more painful each time. Damn nostalgia, Swingers and The Big Lebowski, (the lebowskifest site's great check out these achievers) were the late 1990s not the best time for quotable drink-based movies.

Mike: You shouldn't be sorry, you're a winner. I'm the fucking loser. I'm the one who should be sorry.
Trent: Baby don't talk that way.
Mike: Can we just go, please, can we go?
Trent: Baby look at me, look at me. You're money, and you know what else? You're a big winner tonight.
Mike: I want to leave.
Trent: You're a big winner. I'm gonna ask you a simple question and I want you to listen to me: who's the big winner here tonight at the casino? Huh? Mikey, that's who. Mikey's the big winner. Mikey wins.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Phew! it's hot in Norwich

Does no one at Marvel care that their nifty new 'Ultimate Giant Man/Ant Man' looks exactly like third string villain 'The Constrictor?' What is this pic? 'Ulimate no sense of perspective'

Ultimate Grrrrr!....

Ultimate Jimmny...The Day my Brain Caught Fire

Observe below more of my frankly disurbing attempts at photoshop-style gubbins (obviously I can't afford photoshop so I use the nifty and fee These were to signify my return to academia proper, as of July 1st I am now techinally back in the 'Land of the PhDs' (surely a horror/sci-fi pitch in the making? 'In a Woorld of Highlighter pens and madness'). Even though it was 3am last night when I did them it was still hot as hell like in that great old sci-fi flick The Day the Earth Caught Fire.

I was thinking of my previous attempt at 'self-kicking-up-the-hole' 'rebranding' from last summer (with 'before' and 'after' pictures of the Chiefy 3000/Lorc V.20) yeah like that was sucess. So I started thinking more of the Ultimate Marvel universe where there are new versions of the Spider-Man and X-Men and the like where they start from scratch taking elements of previous Marvel incarnations of these characters but without the complex continuity that scares away the new readers that Marvel seeks in a comic equivalent of 'kiddies' cigarettes'. At its core (apart from Marvel's usual huckersterism and how they have sleepless nights if they even miss out on a penny of extra trade) is an idea of taking the best parts of a character and freeing it of historical baggage.

So as regards the 'Ultimate PhD' its a case of keeping the things that work (me smarts, enthusiasm, writing skills honed down the abstract mines, confident paper delivery) and dumping the things that damage the PhD. Basically, this is from being my own worst enemy: believing my work is shite and not worthwhile when everyone else says it is (borne out of a geek siege mentality where 'what everyone thinks' is wrong) . Lack of money always brings on such negative thoughtsreminding of the Batman: Animated Series episode 'If you's so smart, why aren't you rich?'

But the fact that even these thoughts expressed via the medium of superhero fictions convince me I'm doing the right thing and makes we want to get this fecker finished as soon as possible (so I can write all those She-Hulk and parallel dimension articles.)

So I do have a renewed enthusiasm for my project, I see so much of what is written about superheroes so pedestrian: Superheroes are wish fufilment geeky male teens, Superman is like Jesus, Is Batman or Superman gay? these may be all valid points to and extent but ignore so much of the complexity of superhero narratives.

Ultimate Jimmny

I seldom make a crappy web graphic thing that even unsettles me, but here it is nonetheless, it's like it's freaking me out! stop pointing at me me Jimmny...

Invincible Mouth....

"Invincible Mouth" versus "Oral Attack" the eternal struggle

A while back I did a post on how You Tube was sucking out me eyes. What I was thinking was that YouTube's regulations meant that everything on there was cute rather than pornographic, so the user had to use his or her's imag-i-nat-ion. I was surprised the porn industry didn't either create the YouTube format or speedily copy it. Well wonder no more, it had to happen: PornoTube is here, as I found via Warren Ellis' fine site today. Check out this slice of kung fu porn madness. What will win? "Invincible Mouth" or "Oral Attack" who knows? it's an eternal the one between a man's brain and his johnson.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Kate:'get down there and pretend routh! we need to sell some sort of hetero love chemistry shite to convince the mainstream....

Heard there was...

some sort of kicking match on today with many people in white cheering things like being able to kick a ball twice in a row without kicking someone in the cock. I'm not a great football fan at the best of times (or anytime), but when the world cup affects my consumption of superhero movies I get a bit pissed off, becuase there's some reviews of Superman Returns on the likes of Dial B for Blog and Dave's Long Box I'm itching to read but can't because I don't want it 'spoiled'.

Will have to satisfy myself with Bryan Singer hot-tub party rumours. Stop the presses! some one in Hollywood gets a job because they are attractive, news at 11!

Hooray for powerpoint, as long as it's used well obviously...