Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Zombies man...they creep me out!

I can't talk right head's in a rancid bin...

I now know I will have no problems if zombies do attack…most of my dreams are about apocalyptic events and the zombie attack ones are always the most fun, second only to one where I was in a pub with co workers and saw big triangular ufos and said “I knew the Americans had those things” before they promptly trashed the place. Anyway, I started a kitchen porter job here, which is not too bad, at least it’s money. My first job of today’s shift reminded me of a zombie attack as I cleaned out two fetid bins filled with rancid mussels and discarded chicken and steak etc. The burst leaking bin bags looked like some zombie’s guts as I prodded it with a discarded picnic bench parasol handle in order to coax out the gankfest into another bin bag while a co-worker liberally sprayed the surrounding area (and me) with Flash and water.

The awful stench wafted over the beer garden and some hellion says "you need to sort out our drains mate!" I felt like going up and saying “What?! lady!”… “You think a drain is the height of the horror that awaits me in my apron and wee rubber gloves* around that corner…you’re not the one who’s head is going to be in a rollie-bin in about 5 seconds you fat Norwich hag…shut the fuck up and jam your chips into your fat face or else I’ll have clean up what’s left at the bottom of this fucking bin next week!". Honestly just because you wear an apron people think you're a fucking idiot.

I mean the Jimmny has a strong constitution as those of you who have had the pleasure/misfortune** of seeing the effects of countless years of out-of-date ‘bargain’ beer deals, Buckfast and anything else you accidentally leave outside locked cabinets if I impose myself on you abode. (Irish people are like Vampires if you invite them over the threshold, you have to deal with the consequences...none of this civilised dinner party style 'emm would you like coffee?', if there is still alcohol of some sort in the house, then no...I would not like coffee...I don't know about you but I'm staying up to gibber nonsensically until you want to see 'Cobumbo')

Anyway, I had to walk away and take deep breaths every so often to prevent gagging. Apart from this, it is a good place, they normally say when you work in a restaurant's kitchen you wouldn't want to eat there, but I would actually want to eat there more since I saw their chef in action. I just concentrate on my scrubbing in a Machinist stylee thinking my demeanted thoughts about how all this will be worth it in the end when I'll be "Dr. Chief"(the Chief will abide, man). The job also means that I will always finish everything on my plate whenever I'm in a resturant, seriously the level of waste is disgusting from these punters...why go out for a meal if you're going throw most of it away? Also whenever some flustered academic tells me that she/he is "up my neck in work"
...I'll be able to say, "at least you're not up to your neck in bin! go to your office and write your fucking wank!" (God that was harsh, but us academics don't really save lives or anything. Unless some poor soul was going to top themselves because there wasn't enough theortical books about some obscure area, say superhero movies, and then-bam-they find yours!).

*Thinks: mmm must nab some of these for ‘nocturnal fun’.
**Delete as applicable

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

this would be true, only I don't have a laptop...

Call Bloggers Anonymous!....

Some new stuff I’ve been working on
Along with

The Jimmny Homunculus Arts Hole now there’s

Culture Cocoon: Arefacts of the Homuncu-lair (A Web showcase of the bizarre and perverse crap that Jimmny Homunculus has accumulated).

There’s also GEEKdom, my attempt at a sequential comic strip, an online CV and rumbles of my arch-nemesis Nacrol blurting his fetid mindspill onto the blogosphere . my hands.....putty!

Hip hop is the best, rap is the thing

hip hop is the best, rap is the thing...

Where is my mind...

Where is my mind...

If you live long enough…

All your favourite things become cool again. A few of my illustrious cohorts (a certain Dumb Riffer and the proprietor of the Tent of Blue) have linked to this fine article in The Guardian on The Pixies return to touring and possible new recorded material. As I have no doubt mentioned before I am a huge Frank Black fan. Heck, the new album could just include the sound of Frank Black shouting for a few seconds and going to the loo* while Kim Deal sings that there’s no loo roll left while Santiago and Lovering bump around in a cupboard to find some kitchen roll as a possible substitute and I’d probably buy it. Their available new stuff date was the great Bam Thwock. Unlike young Sinead, I have never seen them live as the Pixies but saw Frank Black and the Catholics last year at The Waterfront and saw The Breeders a few years ago with the esteemed JB. The drunken duo Kim and Kelley deal shouting things like ‘just play the fucking note’ to each other reminded me of these top songwriters. They Dealsters kept bitching to each other: ‘We were going to be playing “Drivin’ on 9” but somebody forgot here mandolin….Kelley!”.

Speaking of decade-old interests that still obsess me: Vic Reeves Big Night out will be soon on DVD, finally the young scamps who only know Reeves as that guy who asked for two fried eggs on Hell’s Kitchen, was on I’m a Celebrity Get me out of Here and then got plastered and drove into a stationary car and had to do community service will realise what comic geniuses Vic and Bob are, hopefully The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer and Bang! Bang! It's Reeves and Mortimer. I can finally get to do my Donald and Davey Stott, Paul Baron, and Kinky John impressions without people thinking I am (even more) mentally deranged.

A new Pixies album, Vic Reeves Big Night out on DVD, and a new series of Shooting Stars, it’s like all my teenage dreams are coming true, apart from all the She-Hulk/Tank Girls ones obviously.

*Where is my ROLL? CH-CH-CH-Chamin or andrex? or andrex? or andrex?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Job-Hunting, where will it all end?

Gizz'a job?!!

Since I posted this rant , I have been searching for shitty jobs in Norwich with no success. Where will the job-hunting end? I remember once in Dublin, I finished a one year contract as an arts officer in a college and literally got another office job within a day. I have been searching for work for about two months with no success. It's not like I'm a fucking oaf, I have good experience and interests. Although a certain Bad Brute once said that I should add "all holes filled" to the end of any CV. I could always start wanking for coins. It's tough filling out CVs and job applications, I mean is 'pornography' a 'hobby' or an' interest? it' s hard to know. It also reminds me of a friend at college who was a science PhD and used to say that having a PhD meant that you were 'over-qualified to do fuck all'.

Every job I go for they look at me as if to say..'em..why are you applying for this job?' And I feel like grabbing them by the lapels and shouting..'I haven't eaten today and I can't pay my rent and I need the fucking money! It's like just because you've read a few books you're not fit to hand someone a pint or a book or a fucking cinema ticket because, I don't know, you're mind might be distracted by wacky philisophical issues like how tall She-Hulk would be in real life* and that would obviously mean that I have less concentration than an 18-year-old chav crack addict.

*I reckon about 7 foot.

If only this lady got to eat someone instead of just CGIing about the place in Van Helsing!

“If your mom’s a vampire, and your dad’s a Frankenstein, how come you’re a werewolf?”

Back in my day, they used go on about films making people violent, like as if you’d go out and kill someone after seeing Driller Killer. I have just watched the 12a feature Van Helsing, and it make me violent, if I ever see director Stephen Sommers in the flesh, I would love to lamp him a good one square in the chops. As anyone who knows me would attest, I am not a violent man but the butchery of all my favourite old horror films in some sort of cgi timeless, “if it’s European it must be fictional and old” style wonderland nearly made me puke. How can you spend so much money and still make a film shitter than most of the films I normally watch? There were so many moments where I said to myself “they can’t do something so cheesy”…”oh my god…they just did”. Every 45 seconds of every minute of this movie cried out to be a story arc of a sequel that will never be made. They should concentrate on making the other 15 seconds of every minute of the damn movie be like the movie that’s actually fucking happening. Thank god I didn’t spend more than 99p to rent the fucker. God, (and I only capitalise it because it’s at the start of a sentence), how low can you go when you’re plagiarising The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I mean that’s the problem, I can handle a piece of shit if it’s made of rubber, but a piece of shit that's cgi?

Sorry, the hot water’s gone in my place and I’ve been having cold showers for the last two days…it makes one a mite tetchy.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Current Reading 1: The Deviates...

Current reading 2: Drunkard's Walk.

Best film never made?...

Freaky-deaky links and that....or 6 degrees of procrastination.

As the great Jimmy Cliff would say, 'you never miss your water until the well runs dry', which is
also true of the crazy ether procrastinato-tube that is the ole' t'internet. After being bereft of the broadband for a month or so it is overwheming to have it back and have such a source of time-wasting infromation and perversion at my fevered fingertips. Like Superhero Lives an insanely brillaint collection of all you would ever need to know about any superhero every depicted in a live-action format, where I found the above promo shots for a never-made She-Hulk movie with Brigitte Nielsen , in my head it's already the best film ever made.

Have been meaning for a while to do a semi-regular "big-up" of the fine folks on the links section of this a here blog:

First up, there's Karl Whitney , one of the post-apocalyptic climes of UEA and partner in crime on Paddy's Day, who has just returned home to Ireland after a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas style road trip around America with added 'gangsta-hand' and eye-patch action documented here. Much missed around our humble place of learning is a certain Guiness-drinking, comic-loving DJ, writer, poet and artist (it's hard to keep up with his many endeavors) who hails from Mexico, Ernesto, who has been blogging since before most of us knew what the hell it was all about.

What I love about blogging is how it keeps one in touch with old friends that one might not have hithero kept up contact as frequently such as the great Sinead Gibney of Tent of Blue who manages to write great stuff while studying mothering and catching up with international rap stars. I have written before of fond memories of a summer spent in a bizarre wee town in Scotland, which birthed top band Dawn of the Replicants, the blogging also allows a chance to keep up with the bizarre world of messrs Vickers and Small.

True story: I was wandering home from work one night listening to one of their fine albums when I got acosted by a drunken couple for a light. The woman grabs one head phone while squawking 'wot ewe listin' tooo?' I said 'Dawn of the Replicants', meanwhile her dashing Carlsberg Speical Brew-drinking 'escort' piped up 'wot's 'e listin' twe? Frank Sinatra?', no..she squawks over 'Daawn O' thee REEPlicants', she goes to me...'they're quite good aren't they, kind of 1960s-ish', indeed, I thought 'now be gone with you, I've got Chicago Town mini pizzas, comics and porn awiting me at home and must be on my way...'

But there's new friend too like Joe whoe as a fellow Phd inmate suffers the Long Moths of Boredem when he is not rocking with Tenikov and thinking about hard books and that. His goon lady friend maintain local arts/writing blog Schemes which is great showcase of Noorwich (and beyond) literary and artistic endeavours, and a few duff ones from a certain gibeering Irishman.

Then there's the amazing Laura Tooth who acquired her alias from this great early post and has maintained an always entertaining hub or perversion and provocative writing.

Whenever I started this PhD, I never thought the Internet would allow be to read the actual thoughts of my favourite super-heroes but it does, check out Hulk's Diary That is On the Internet the best use of blogging I've ver seen, but how does his big green fingers type the keys?? I found this through John Roger's great Kung Fu Monkey blog that is not only a hive of fine intellegent geekery of the highest order but also provide regular scriptwriting masterclasses from one in the know.

...And it was that site that alerted me to the amazing Web presence of one Warren Ellis, (ill at the moment send wellness vibes through the ether) one of may favouite comic writers since I read Lazarus Churchyard in Blast! I think I've nostalgically riffed on my 'golden period' of comic collecting the late 1980s-early 1990s British comic 'anthology boom'. Reading his site inspired the seeking out of the Web presence of the amazing creators that personified that period including Rian Hughes, Chris Weston and Brendan McCarthy. Speaking of these time I was giving a paper on Superman yesterday at this great conference and near shat, figuratively speaking, when I got to met Roger Sabin who wrote on the best histories of comcis Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels.

Ahh the Internet, you are on the global frequency.

But where be The Bad Brute and when will his electro-spume erupt forth again??

Thursday, August 18, 2005 still me beating heart! on DVD Sept 12, do you remember 'The Summer of 75'?

This 'Island' made more sense...

Just because we're bereaved doesn't make us fucking SAPS!*

..And just because we're sci-fi fans, doesn't make us fucking idiots. When did Hollywood start thinking that sci-fi fans will be distracted by explosions and skintight costumes but not care about anything making sense. (I yeah I know, these pliles of shite and bollix). Sorry, I'm just back from The Island and my ears are ringing and all I see is product placement and shiny bullet casings falling in slow motion onto rainy concrete. It wasn't as bad as I expected and had some nice touches but it joins Equilibrium in the annals of new genre the "hyper-plagerisoid" where the producers feed in random bits of the likes of THX 1138, Logans Run, 1984, Fareinheit 451 into a Metal Mickey style computer and hope for the best. Best not to start asking questions, like Why? why build a hidden city of clones when you can grow organs in a jar far easier than creating whole people, how can a future of such surveillance allow people to wander around with guns and nanobots in their brain without detection, how can clones with no experience of the outside world survive for so long with cops and hired assassins after them. Hey, I'm no cirtic of a crazy concept, The Descent was my favorite film in ages, it had a mental concept but at least stuck too it and was believable, plus it wasn't 12A so some people actually die. Don't you miss those movies where people actually died, didn't just fall off a building or get nail-gunned in the hand and get up in the next scene to show everyone they're alright. Please! Hollywood! kill more people on screen! I don't go to movies to find role models I go to watch people heads explode.

On another Hollywood note, there's this guy. So when actors get up to dodginess and are constantly drunk and horny they have "priapism" and when that happens to me, I'm just a gibbering Irish pervoirt. 'dere ain't no justice.

*Need I add a quote from (c) "Best Film Ever"

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Miss me?

Videoplus...I hope it'll be turned into a late-nite speakeasy...I hope in vain.

Everything must go

Videoplus RIP, sniff sniff...

Let me tell a lit a bit about Videoplus, one of the fine old-style independent video shops that recent closed down out street. It was one of those places that had all the old forgotten 1980s trash I grew up with, like Spacehunter: Adventurers in the Forbiden Zone and The Adventures of Bukaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension in a special basement. As the picture above shows, the last week involved all videos being sold off for 50p…50p! As ‘HH’, a friend and fellow PhD film geek happily said it was the comparable scenario for the likes of us to being kids in a candy store. It did cause for some awkward moments as I returned again and again and left with straining armfuls of VHS tat. It’s like being the audio-visual version of 78s collectors, it’s the whole VHS experience that counts like Simon Bates saying ‘sexual swear words’ or the priceless trailers for Summer Job and Ski School and the like, not to mention the trailers that all start with “In a world….” As you can see from the list below .

The wall of VHS shite...

Jimmny's video rap sheet...god help me eyes...

I chose various shite packages of VHS 'greatness' for various reasons. Now find out why, with great actual back-of-the-cover quotes© where applicable! Also, to the chagrin of the Word 2000 spell check, I have retained all the grammatical mistakes in a (sic)-stylee. Any perspective screenwriter or, I don’t know, The Wachowski Brothers, may want to take note, in case they have ‘unconsciously’ plagiarised them all.

Because I genuinely wanted to see them (gawd help me soul)
Mom and Dad Save the World. Years ago, I used to stay up until 3am and watch shite TV (plus ca change). One of the shows I loved was America’s Top Ten which showed loads of U.S. film clips of trailers of top films that would soon be on UK and Irish screens, but of course, in the case of this fine Howard the Duck-style shite-slab, they ended up being sold years later for 50p in closing-down video shop, and being bought by a gibbering Irish lunatic.
Enemy Mine. “ENEMIES because they were taught to be. SURVIVORS
Because they had to be”. I now own, and for 50p!, one of the first videos I first ever rented… that passes for achievement in my sad shitbox world.
Black Moon Rising
What the dillio? Tommy Lee Jones in an action style thriller written by John Carpenter and featuring a Knight Rider-style car, how could I not, and for 50p!
“In every good, there is evil. In Holly Gooding there is something worse. Much worse…”
Monolith “The Power to Destroy Worlds” (only got it because it's sci-fi and it had Bill Paxton in almost starring role).
Xchange “Out of bodies. Out of time”
The Wizard of Speed of Time.
Saw a clip of the ending of this flick years ago and for 50p it’s worth it to own the finale, not the rest, though, ohh the 1980s…they could get away with anything. This does have a trailer for Ghost Chase, on it though. This one of Roland Emmerich’s first US movies it look awful. My friend Pete looked it up on imdb while were were watching this and I said, I bet it has a rating of 2.8, sure enough it did, what kind of shit super-power is that! Being able guess shite movies imdb ratings.
I could claim patriotism with this one, but I chose it because it seemed to have lots of nudity of gore before I found out it filmed and set in Ireland: “ Beware the beast within…Returning to his parents’ ancestral home, Colum Kennedy (Allen Scott) discovers an Irish village populated by animalistic shapeshifters…” I could laugh in a disparaging fashion at this plot, but I wrote a similar horror novel about mutant cows in Co. Cavan called “Cannibull” I would claim it’s ‘lost’, but it’s just shite.
Scanner Cop “Imagine a cop who could read your mind and then blow it away”
Scanner Force “Scanners against scanners…the battle for total control has begun…within seconds…the fear…the panic…the agony”
Darkman II: The Return of Durant “Vengeance Strikes Hardest in the Dark!”
Dollman “Thirteen inches…with attitude”…”He was the toughest, baddest cop on planet Aturus. But when a high-speed space chase lands him on eath and right in the middle of a gang war, Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson) is in a class of his own. He’s thirteen inches tall, armed to the teeth and getting meaner by the second…”

Because they are regarded as good films, or least, half-decent ones,
After Hours
Exit to Eden
Guily as Charged
Lord of Illusions
Mortal Combat
Resident Evil
"A secret experiment…a deadly virus…a fatal mistake…"
Strange Days
-December 30th, it the end of the world or the beginning of a new one? Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) stalks the streets of Los Angeles, a street hustler, an ex-cop, a seller of broken dreams. (all well and good, but the last time I checked, new year’s eve happens on December 31st!)
-Superstar Clint Eastwood is back in what the Daily Mail called “an undeniably tense thriller.
Trouble in Mind
Wise Blood

Because they featured statuesque warrior women. This, as any regular reader* of this site will know is own of my main perversions and peccadilloes, forwith:
China O’Brien
Dancing at the Blue Iguana
-Exposing their bodies…hiding their souls!
Red Sonja
-Two legends unite to defeat the greatest evil on earth.
Terminal Force.
-Laura(Brigette Nielsen) is a battle hardened warrior from a distant world sent to Earth to search for the mysterious Fire Crystal, key to all creation and the only hope of saving her planet from the armies of cruel invader Kyler…Amid incredible time-travelling and visual effects sequences, the two become locked in a battle with cops, the Mob and the enraged Alien, while the fate of two galaxies hangs in the balance. In a time of death-defying danger, may the Terminal Force be with you!
To The Limit
-When Frank Da Vinci’s (Joey Travolta)** wedding day turns into a massacre, he finds himself in the middle of a war between rogue CIA agents and the underworld, The mysterious Collette (Anna Nicole Smith) has the key to unlock dangerous secrets—but is she a trustworthy friend or a deadly enemy?
[P.S. this scant plot synopsis is bolstered with the following titles in large letters to coax the cock-stroking wee lad into purchase: “Guess? Jeans supermodel and 1993 Playmate of the Year” and “The newsworthy 5’11” beauty fills the screen with her presence”.

Because they featured Time Travel or Parallel Dimensions
Last Lives
“On the run from a parallel universe, only one man can stop them…time is running out!”
“They thought they had no future…but now they’re in it!”
TimeCop “ Turn back the clock…and you’re history”…In the year 2004, time travel is not only a reality, it’s an opportunity-for criminals of the future to alter the past for profit and power.
Time Runner
“From the creators of ‘Xtro 2’ and ‘Shadowchaser’ come this amazing ‘Terminator’-style sci-fi thriller, starring Mark Hamill from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Bladerunner’s Brion James. (what a fine use of ‘quality by association’)
“Jack Deth is back…and he’s never even been here before!”
Trancers III
“Time waits for no man...Deth Lives”

Because they featured robots or cyborgs:
Death Machine
“In subterranean level 10 of the Chaank Corporation Building there are 23.2 billion dollars in bonds…an in vault No. 10…”

Project Shadowchaser
“Man created him, now man is the enemy. Project Shadowchaer. Billion dollar brainchild of military scientist Joseph Kinderman (Joss Ackland)..The dream—to create a perfect synthetic warrior. The reality—a deadly one-man war machine. Intelligent. Indestuctbale. Out of control…(but aren’t we all)

“EVOLVER is at the cutting edge of robotics, an incredible ‘smart’ robot that grow faster, stronger and deadlier with every duel it plays. Originally designed as a highly intelligent killing machine, programmed to infiltrate enemy lines and eliminate ithout prejudice, it has been transformed into a state-of-the-art games machine”…err I can see where the problem may arise.

Nemesis 2: Nebula
Los Angeles 2073 Ad. It has been 7 3 years since the CYBORG race won the Global War. The surviving humans have become their slaves. A resistance scientist has created a super DNA gene, which will produce a powerful mutant human. The child will be the first of a new generation capable of destroying the CYBORGS.

Ghost in the Machine
“Last night a serial killer died…His body was laid to rest but his soul has come on-line. Free to continue this reign of terror by using electronic circuitry, the serial killer’s next target is the unsuspecting Terry Munroe (Karen Allen) and her teenage son. Their only chance for survival is with the help of a brilliant computer hacker…”

Because they were set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, my favourite time and geographic period.

Salute of the Jugger
-In a futuristic world of the 23rd century ravaged by long forgotten wars, there is a violent and lethal game played by warriors known as ‘Juggers’. Exiled by the all-powerful league, Champion Jugger (Rutger Hauer) and his team of gladiators roam the scorched wilderness challenging all comers to savage combat. But to regain their honour, they must re-enter the League and beat the elite team.
The ultimate game is about to begin.
And winning means more than honour Far more. Today the prize is survival!
(The L.A. Times called it “Relentlessly Brutal”… was there ever a better compliment)

The Survivalist
-The Time: Somewhere in the future
The Place: United States of America
The Event: Nuclear Devastation.
…You can destroy a man’s country and pull his family apart-but you can never kill his spirit.

Future Sport
“In 2025, a revolutionary sport is the only way to stop a revolution.”

Hey guys, want to come round mine and watch some videos…hey…where’ya going?


*I’m fooling myself that I actually have regular readers, they are, no doubt, at least mentally, irregular at best.
**Like that’s a guarantee of quality.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

(Frank) Black Monday

(Frank) Black Monday

A while back on a Monday (dates are hazy, I seldom know what day it is these days….is this a week day?) I excitedly purchased the new Frank Black album, Honeycomb. I had reserved a copy at the local HMV. Reserving top records used to be fun, the muso behind the counter would nod in agreement…as if to say "nice choice man…you’re probably a very cool dude". Nowadays, the pierced dullard barely offers a flicker of recognition. It reminded me of a time, back in my days in the ‘Fast where I once spied a fine video copy of a utterly-shite-but-I-like-it video, Sewage Baby, (wow it actually get's 2.2 on imdb!) and not having the £4.99 required to percure such guff and asking in a panic ‘can you keep this for me till Friday till I get paid!’. The shop guy probably went ‘great, we can finally off-load this junk to this hapless goon!’ (I’m sure it’s what most video/cd/book sellers say secretly when I enter their emporia with hard-earned coinage. More on shite videos to follow!

Anyway went to Great Yarmouth, or ‘Yarmo’ as it is known in the parlance of our times with a friend where I dragged her around all the tat shops, there are many, and got some top items of bootleg bat-paraphernalia and this fine mug (not too sure which one that refers to in pic). Also got to see the fine Yarmouth Pier where one, if one is so inclined, can see The Chuckle Brothers, The Grumbleweeds and Joe Pasquale every..single…week! Also got see a good friend 'M' who is going out with another 'M' who was one of the best bar-ladies we ever had in the grad bar. They are no doubt happily ensconsed in Australia with a little dog, where 'M', the boy, is no doubt biking around smoking rollies and taking the piss out of the Australian dudes, gawd love yous, if I had the funds I'd be over there saying hello. We had a bit of good bye drink in Yarmouth's 'Spoons with some of 'M's friends.

Iain and Lorc in Cardiff

Wonder Woman and wonderful people in Wales.

A while back I went Newtown to talk about Batman and I recently went to Cardiff to talk about Wonder Woman at this conference. My mini UK tour of gibbering about superheroes and foisting my usual perversions and peccadilloes is drawing to a close with only one more to do (this one on Superman in Nottingham). I have, as is my costom, implanted some photos of the event and the after conference free booze and food event easter egg style in this entry for those who like that sort of thing. We all stayed in this pretty lush university halls type place. On arrival, I immediately fell in with the ‘Irish massive’ a group from my dear alma matter and it was good to catch up on the gossip with the great and good of film studies. It was also a chance to catch up on important matters like geek t-shirt talk. I am proud of having a superhero t-shirt for almost every day of the week and was slightly envious of this fellow's nice Jack Kirby Captain America one. En masse the Irish massive and I went down to the students bar place that was open until 1am, as the bouncer pointedly repeated, perhaps he sensed the danger and beauty of a large group of Irish students who have demolished all the free wine, what we’re PhD students! If it’s free and nailed down it’s going to end up in our guts or our batcaves.

Yet again I had a morning slot and woke up confused, Prisoner-style yet again, Where am I? You’re in Cardiff, What do you want? We ant you to talk guff about Wonder Woman. The paper went pretty well, got to show many fine overheads and a clips of the WB’s great Justice League (now Justice League: Unlimited). Incidentally, I have recently been forcing my bar patrons to watch it in the bar when I’m working. I can often be seen emitting a wee tear or two at this fine series, leaving punters waiting…would you hold on a minute…sniff…Vandal Savage and Superman are making up to save the world…I’m sure your pint can wait!.

And Jimmny's back in the room...


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

3, 2, 1 *click* and he's back in your room

As they dragged him away, Rorschach spoke to the other inmates. He said "None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me"

Finally after a long delay the much-anticipated/feared* return of Jimmny Homunculus to the auld blab blogosphere. As you see above much has happened, including more talking at conferences in far off lands, well Wales and Nottingham, the closure of my favorite local video shop, and more bar work in a crazy Irish bar in Norwich. On my first day working there I had to prise a comatose fella in an Irish shirt out of a toilet cubicle at about 1pm as the place had been opened since 8am for some rugby match or other. Have been trying to adjust to the fact that I am trapped in Norwich for another 2 years, which did bring about some Alan Partridge-style freak-outs, including playing Halo 2 for about two and a half days solid It was slightly disappointing in comparison to finishing Halo on legendary. The ending of the sequel just involves walloping some big hairy monster! I have also consoled myself by watching lots of Family Guy and re-reading The Watchmen, my favourite book, I want to be buried with this lovely tome. It does genuinely make me laugh and cry every time, although I fear the geek inclination to identify too strongly with Rorschach though, thinking to myself that I’m not stuck here with the good folk of Nooorwich, they’re stuck here with me. Or to put it in a more positive way, "You never leave Serenity Valley, you just learn to live there..." Ahh Norwich, I’ll be wandering your streets a while yet, singing Frank Black to myself, eating copious amounts of pix and mix ‘flaneuring’ around ‘microgoth square’ and hosting bizarre film festivals for one as I return to the Riverside UCI and watch stupid amounts of movies that would make the eyes of the sensible bleed.

*Delete as applicable