Sunday, November 14, 2004

Small bags of crap

On the way back from the shops today, I walked past a lady scooping up some shite and putting it in a plastic bag. This would be treated as insane behaviour if she did not have a (barely controlled) Labrador with her. It struck me that every time I walk past someone walking a dog they are scooping up shite and putting it in a plastic bag and then carrying it around. It’s almost as if they really liked doing this in the first place and then decided to choose a pet that would facilitate carrying around crap on more regular basis. The dog may have sensed my not being a dog person as he made a reasonable attempt to leap up and bite me as I passed. Thankfully the fecker was muzzled. Then the dog owner looked at me disdainfully like it’s my fault her dog’s nuts, and I’m thinking to myself ‘lady, I’m not the one with a small bag of shit in my pocket!’.

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