Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Life and Times of a Stand Up Comedian

Apologies to all Irish people ever, I was away from home, they made me do it etc...


Tom Moran and Myself

A St. Patrick's Nun....

Or 'I hope that fucking Irish cunt doesn't come back on' as some lovely man said in Swaffham.

‘In terms of labor relations, the basic problem with living your life is that it’s on-the-job training and by the time you get some skill at it, you are permanently laid off’ Harlan Ellison

Do stand up comics sleep every day until 4pm and stay up until about 5am every night because they are stand up comedians or do they become stand up comedians because this is what they do anyway. Near the start of my act I normally start like this:

Hello there, thank you, it’s great to be here, I’m a lonely comic book geek, so it’s just nice for me to be out of my room
Where myself and an executive committee of action figure make very many important
Decisions like telling google not to filter my image search results
If I type in ebony I don’t want to buy a coffee table

In Dereham one women when ‘what’s Google’

And there’s some other bits, can’t repeat here, but I worked it into the act and go, 'I can only assume Dereham's top mathematian and for her Googol is synonmous with the number that's a 1 with a 100 zeroes after it'

But I have started adding in : ‘I know I’m a stand up comedian now, I smoke too much, wank too much, drink too much and sleep every day until 4pm….mind you I did all these things before hand but now it’s called research’

It’s been bit insane since I got back from Krakow I have been either teaching or gigging or working in the bar/kitchen. It’s been surreal and great and horrible in equal amounts it’s strange the thrill of the gigs go well and back to the same lonely room with about 2-3 of elation to deal with. Most of the easter time has been spent watching Firefly, which I first discovered one Christmas and now feel the urge to watch it at Christmas and Easter, it’s all too short when you watch it in 1-2 major crazy sessions.

So my internet went down because I couldn’t pay it, no internet?! It’s like having no right hand, come to think of it actually, It’s like the opposite of that. Will sort it out and be online and active soon. It’s hard to do proper long personal posts these days. These days I’m teaching at the art college doing kitchen bar work and doing stand up on average about 2-3 times a week, sometimes more. The first Smoking Mic tour is technically over but we’re starting a new one on April 10, see the press pics above, not really it's from St. Patrick's day, and tour dates along with all my upcoming dates above.

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