Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm not 'Mr. Bean', I'm Peter Parker if anything

During my first few days subbing some wags in second year decided that my name was 'Mr. Bean', Why? god knows, I suppose it's suffciently close to Mr. McGrane. I thought, ' jeez is how it starts? An off the top of the head comment from one wee mook and you could end up being called 'Mr. Bean' for like 30 years or something. Luckily, a new nickname was developed over the weeks: 'Peter Parker', which I can more wholeheartedly endorse. As we can see from the below uncanny representation of yours truly:

Spider Man=>Peter Parker=>Mr. McGrane

Below: This is from a class of mostly loads of screaming girls and one poor wee fella who just minds his own business they have apparently drawn me in the manner of some haunted French porcelain doll

I thought this would be a fun exercise for first years, "Design your own Superhero". After finally settling this wee loon knocked out the below opus in about five minutes.

My Superhero is called: "Someone" which he's crossed out and added "Alien Head"
His/Her Powers: "Is Killing people"

Bizarrely his drawing isn't far off some actual alien 'eyewitness' drawings, I've scanned in loads of them and they are hilarious


Joe said...

Yes! You're back! And 'Alien Head' is fucking fantastic. Can you encourage this young man to produce more of this incipient masterpiece, or has he left your jurisdiction now?

I'll be in touch soon,


John said...

Wow, that second drawing is Frank Sidebottom!

Can you do the voice?