Saturday, April 09, 2005

Fecking Christians...

So the Pope did pop his clogs. At first I was disappointed that I didn't feel 'a great disturbance in the Force' or anything. On second thoughts, why should I, since I long ago swapped my Catholicism for, you know, rationality and actually using my evolved, self-aware human brain to try figure out answers for myself. The Pope’s death and the mawkish crap that went along with it brought my usually contained anti-religious humanism more to the fore—‘Frail Old Man Dies….Exclusive!!’. My favourite coverage was from The Sun, who dug up an interview with the Pope’s ‘childhood sweetheart’ just to make sure everyone knows he’s straight before they have a front page with ‘our saint…farewell to the people’s Pope’ emblazoned on it. The people’s pope? Which people? the ones with AIDS? gay, bisexual, transgendered people? Since when did the UK become so pro-Catholic anyway? If the papacy ‘thinks in centuries’, wasn’t it relatively recently that Cromwell and co were trying to kill us all? We used to study The Penal Laws in history at school, not as much fun as it sounds. It gets one thinking what ‘Penile Laws’ would actually entail.

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