Friday, March 25, 2005

C'mon Popey pop your clogs already !

When I actually get to spend most of the day at my desk (reading Bataille'sEroticism (in my ongoing pursuit of accademic excuses for my perversions and peccadilloes), I normally have BBC radio of some sort on in the background. I switch between Radio 2 (Wogan, Ross,Lamarr, Radcliffe oh and The Organist Entertains*), Radio 1 (Zane Lowe, annoying bastard but good music so I can keep hip with the kids, daddy-oh) and Radio 4's comedy shows like That Mitchell and Webb Sound and The Museum of Everything.

Today, however, it was not the comedy shows that made me laugh the most, but the news. Apparently the Pope doesn't just die like normal folks, oh no he is:

"Serenely abandoning himself to god's will"

As someone who was brought up Catholic the idea of the Pope's infallibility was one the religion's major lunatic ideas** that stuck in my craw the most. A human being (supposedly like you or I) who somehow never makes mistakes and is in contact with god?. Does he have a bat-phone type appartus or what? When he has a shit is he 'serenely abandoning himself to god's will that the holy rectum must banish its matter'? It's an amazing catch-all phrase to excuse anything. So if you get into any embarrassing scrapes over the weekend due to drink or lust, just explain that you are 'serenely abandoning yourself to god's will to get totally hammered and cop off with someone.

*Yes I would prefer if it was about those sorts of organs too, but's mostly hammonds and that.
**I know Catholicism's got plenty, don't get me started on trans substantiation or its views on not tampering with yourself.


laura said...

ah, i love the lack of personal responsibility in strict catholicism.

critical thinking skills don't mix well with most religions. what bothers me is, why do so many people buy into this junk? but we already know the ansers, don't we? it's hard to admit that there are some things we'll never know, and believing in some religion saves people from having to admit their lack of knowledge. ironically, the very same people who turned to religion because of the fear of the unknown are worshipping a god that wants his followers to remain ignorant and obedient. how can followers who hate uncertainty follow a diety whose unexplainable actions foment even more uncertainty? talk about maintaining a vicious circle!

Lorcy said...

Apart from the lack of hoverboots and alien encounters, 2005 does disappoint with the seeming regression of people's critical and philosophical faculties. I do think one disavows one's humanity if you don't bother trying to find things out for yourself, rather than having 'answers' handed out on a plate. Philip K. Dick's got a great essay where he says the only reason he would have for believing in god would be so he could go up and give out to him for killing his wife.