Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coming "attractions"...

Have to sort out home ethergut blab-blog stuff at the moment, my 'procrastination electro-pipe' (broadband connection to you) is playing up, perhaps there's some porn trapped in it that I will have to scrape out with a winkle-poker or spatula until the Jimmny-gibberings run free again. Be warned, I am cooking up some fine* posts though:

1. My thoughts on Batman Begins

2. Another gonzo-style conference report with some drunken photos of lots of Irish people that were there.

3. The full current track-listing for "Lorc's Sleaze-a-Rama, Vol. 1" a compilation of the best tunes to stop parties in their tracks with depraved lyrics and pounding moosic, which I am constantly updating. Much to the chagrin of the friends I foist said compilation on....'er, thanks Lorcan, I really want to listen to Peaches' 'Fuck the Pain Away' over tea.

4. A selection of cartoon 'porn portraits' of my **favorite stars complete with explanations of each one's "special powers", e.g. Belladonna's awful haircuts or Jessica Darlin's atomic lungpower.

*"Fine" in the sense of "Norwich, a Fine City" (like they can't come up with a better town motto, it's like "It's pretty shite here but it can be alright"

** "Favorite porn stars" is an odd term, I personally feel that female porn stars should be given big Olympic style gold medals for their amazing physical powers. It's more humorous to draw cartoons of the men though, with their scrawny arms, terrible tattoos, worse haircuts and the dead dead eyes of sharks and FBI hitmen.

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