Thursday, June 02, 2005

Feck, Arse, Bollix....

...As we Irish say in times of fucked-up-ness. Yesterday, or is it today? ( this a week day?) I stayed up until 6am marking TV Studies exams, then gave a paper at this conference, then went to a meeting with the supervisor and it was suggested, nay demanded, that I intercalate, take a break for a year, to get my PhD in order. Listen up folks,you can love something too* much. If I was doing a boring PhD, or at least one on a more constrained topic, like, I don't know, "Images of Pointing in Contemporary Motion Pictures" or "Fonzies' "Ehhhh" and other guttural catchphrases of 1970s Sitcom" I may have a chance of finishing while teaching and getting covered in beer swill twice or three times a week. But like a mook, I decided to tackle not only one of the major phenomena of our time (need I remind you of this, this and this)but also some of the films that have made my life worth living at various stages of its pitiful parade of dead ends.

Consoling myself at the minute by eating doughnuts from Safeways, drinking some Caffreys that someone bequeathed to me at this and downloading the Princess Superstar"Is" album, perhaps I'll get to a 'bad babysitter' at the weekend when I embark on a 'reunion tour' (the Chief abides) to Belfast to see a certain boon companion from days of old** and Sligo.

Well, if this course of action involes handing in a work of cultural studies genius rather than a steaming pile of shite, then so be it. What to do: write more articles, paint more pictures, meet more people, go more places, get very drunk and attempt to engage in casual sex...because, I was going to do those last two things anyway.

*I don't mean in the wandering 'round bow-legged with frozen peas on your bits...for once.
** he should really blog more, it would exicte us all, but he's no doubt up to depravity somewhere that would make even Jimmny H blush.

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RP said...

Nice to see a well-placed Lebowski-ism. I'm a big proponent of that! By the way, thanks for calling my attention to this great Lebowski Quote Generator. It is now listed in my links section.