Monday, July 11, 2005

Shrimps and bananas: enemies or allies?

If you have the fortune/misfortune* to know me, you'll know that I have a panchant for crap sweets found in such places as Poundland and QD style emporiums, it's the giddy sugar rush and the funny faces the sour ones make me pull perhaps. It is surprisig that old man Jimmny has any teeth in his gibbering maw after this bad habit (not as bad as some of the other one's obviously).

This pack caught my eye recently: I mean what exactly is the connection between shrimps and bananas?? Are they locked in some secret war that we humans no nothing of or are they secret lovers. Once one's back is turned in the kitchen these shrimps and bananas get it on for some shrimp-banana lovin', god knows how that would work (don't think think I haven't tried imagining it-as ever if their is sexual permutation that is anyway conceivable, I have tried to imagine it.)

Hopefully will have the ole internet back online by the weekend. Finished Halo 2this week and have been whoring myself around the pubs of Norwich (as a barman, I haven't stooped that low...yet).

*delete as applicable.

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laura said...

my man is sooooo addicted to halo 2. if halo 2 was another woman, he'd be having an affair.