Tuesday, August 09, 2005

3, 2, 1 *click* and he's back in your room

As they dragged him away, Rorschach spoke to the other inmates. He said "None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me"

Finally after a long delay the much-anticipated/feared* return of Jimmny Homunculus to the auld blab blogosphere. As you see above much has happened, including more talking at conferences in far off lands, well Wales and Nottingham, the closure of my favorite local video shop, and more bar work in a crazy Irish bar in Norwich. On my first day working there I had to prise a comatose fella in an Irish shirt out of a toilet cubicle at about 1pm as the place had been opened since 8am for some rugby match or other. Have been trying to adjust to the fact that I am trapped in Norwich for another 2 years, which did bring about some Alan Partridge-style freak-outs, including playing Halo 2 for about two and a half days solid It was slightly disappointing in comparison to finishing Halo on legendary. The ending of the sequel just involves walloping some big hairy monster! I have also consoled myself by watching lots of Family Guy and re-reading The Watchmen, my favourite book, I want to be buried with this lovely tome. It does genuinely make me laugh and cry every time, although I fear the geek inclination to identify too strongly with Rorschach though, thinking to myself that I’m not stuck here with the good folk of Nooorwich, they’re stuck here with me. Or to put it in a more positive way, "You never leave Serenity Valley, you just learn to live there..." Ahh Norwich, I’ll be wandering your streets a while yet, singing Frank Black to myself, eating copious amounts of pix and mix ‘flaneuring’ around ‘microgoth square’ and hosting bizarre film festivals for one as I return to the Riverside UCI and watch stupid amounts of movies that would make the eyes of the sensible bleed.

*Delete as applicable

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