Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm coming for ya god!

I was going to post about how great everything was. The one year anniversary of 'The Life and Times of Jimmny Homunculus' came and went on a typical day, ie I worked 7 hours in the bar, went to bed at 12 got up at like 5 to write proposals for a module on superheroes I'm hopefully teaching in the new year, then worked in the kitchen from 10am to 3.30, then proposed my modules, then wandered off to buy some top tunes, got something to eat and went and saw a great film. A perfect Jimmny day you might think, and you would be right. Everything was going right for the first time in like 6 months and I was feeling great. Getting to exist in a time with top movies, great tv shows and and great music. In the new year, I'll be finally teaching modules on subjects close to my heart and will also be appearing on TV talking about such subjects!

Then, as if by if some god like figure was sitting at a switchboard somewhere going "he's getting a bit cocky, like everything's going ok...well we'll see how great he feels when he's sneezing and coughing every two minutes" I get zapped by some sort of gank cold ray. As you may well know, I'm not adverse to spending all day in bed while exuding fluids that need to mopped up with tissues, I just get pissed off when they're coimg out of my nose. I can't really take sick that anyone I've seen take sick days at work gets the sack. Being sick really makes me indignant, it just reminds me of how precarious my situation is. So instead of taking a sick day at the kitchen today I come in and my sickness insures I get all the shitty jobs, which will just make me more sick? It may be from reading too much Phillip K. Dick*, but the only reason I would ever believe in a god type figure is if I could go up there and knock his/hers/its fuck in for generally being such a cunt to everyone.

*Like you can ever read too much.

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