Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'd hire her, (meaning will become apparent when you read the post, not as dodgy as it seems....for once).


Ernesto said...

Have the new closing hours of pubs kept you away from the computer, mate?

You all right there?

Lorcy said...

Oh, how I wish it was the late licence that was keeping me away from my beloved blog.

I have been sick with a cold and now, broncitis! damn working in a kitchen, it's worse for you than smoking. Plan to spew forth some bile from 'neath my quilt tonight so expect some posts on lust, sickness, despair and um...hope, a wee bit of hope to stop me going mad.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hope you feel fit soon. Was wondering where you got to?! (I try and check up on those blogs I list and mak them as "Hiatus" if there is prolonged inactivity...)

Glad to hear its only a temporary blip.

We want more movie and random stuff!