Friday, September 14, 2007

Quick believe in evoultion or else you'll shrink into nothingness!

"Where did these giants come from and what was their connection with ordinary humans? Just who were they? What happened to these extraordinary creatures? Is it possible they could ever return? The last question I will answer right now - YES, they most definitely could return! And they have something much worse in mind for mankind."

One of the joys of facebook, yeah like no one has been mentioning it recently, is a group set up by my old employers of New York's premium abstract mine where us outsourced Irish writers were kinda like Victorian waifs and chimney sweeps sent up a big chimney papered with things like Ebony, Christianity Today and Model Railroader. I shouldn't knock Model Railroader too much becuase if the above diagram is anything to go by we'll be driving around in them in a couple of years, and using Star Wars figures as statues.
I love this pic, so by this  'logic'(sorry to misuse the word) God's like 200 foot tall and we will eventually get so 'modern' we'll keep shrinking until we evolve into nothingness like The Incredible Shrinking Man 
Abstract mine boss 'R' says it comes from this site * and adds: "You can read all about it here, if you have the time and leave your brain at the door. note: some of the text on the pages is very small, presumably because it is intended to be read by the more evolved among us, to whom it appears to be an enormous headline-sized font." 

More fun here
Obviously the people who lived contemporary with dinosaurs were intelligent, and the footprints indicate that they were quite human, as the large toe on primates is located close to the heel to facilitate clinging to branches.

So you all have a nice weekend, don't shrink and watch out for giants they may return to eat your giblets. 

*Apart from the overall bonkers quotient of the site, I love they way its opening sound bite is from The Wizard of OZ! not know for it's fundamentalist Christian fanbase. 

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