Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thanking Father Ted and other unlikely reads....

Can't stop laughing at this, via Monkey Fluids, kinda like Borin van Loon or Glen Baxter but with more swearing.

On Facebook they have this virtual bookshelf thing where you can pretend to be all intellectual like.  I try to keep my virtual book shelf, as my real one: one third academic, one third comics and one third sexual bizarreness and sleaze, Facebook as yet to adapt the app so that you can hide virtual flarn dvds within the virtual bookshelf. It's all based on an Amazon search thing that throws up funny results, like when I was trying to find the Father Ted scripts I got these gems: 
Thanking Father Ted  I think we'd all like to thank Father Ted, just not this one. 
Or we could just play rough for a while, yeah let's do that, Let's Play Rough
And after that we can have a go in Jezebels Spooky Spot
Still, I suppose there are worse things on Amazon 

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