Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lorcy's Dublin Stand Up Debut...

Hooray, my name up in lights, well a poster anyway, so it's still good.

Lorcan McGrain! gah! ah well

Battle of the Axe is one of the oldest and best known open mic nights in Dublin and I had a slot on Feb 7th that was a great experience to do. It was a tough gig for me, I was at home for dad's month's memorial mass and got the word to the slot. So after a bus up from Monaghan wasn't in the best mind set to do it, but it was good experience for doing a set whatever way you feel. It was great to see my homies, Danny, Claire and Fin and Karl and comics genius Bob Byrne. Tony the organiser was cool and it was good to see how the Dublin comedy nights are going.

Here's a youtube of it, you can tell by my terrible '' style delivery I was more nervous than my English gigs, also stuff that killed over here went down less well over there, but viewing the clip I was barrelling through it pretty crazily, where even I don't know what I'm saying,

My homies Danny, Fin and Claire looking sad...

Ha! just kidding it was all an elaborate ruse...

A certain Dumb Riffer and myself.

An here he comes young Mr. Clamnuts himself.

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