Thursday, July 24, 2008

"A couple of songs by a couple of prongs": The Genius of Adam and Joe's Song Wars....

..."sometimes they're 'brill-skills' sometimes they're turds."

If you are sad that BBC 3 seem fit to throw money as the likes of sucide-inducing Scallywagga, for that is its full title, whilst not comissioning MeeBox, at least Adam and Joe's Song Wars is on I-tunes! (and there's a Myspace page here)

Adam and Joe have a great knack of both reminding you of nostalgic madness you forget (e.g. I went to Paris on school trip one and did visit a European Supermarket which was as disorienting as the sonng 'European Supermarket' suggests, the face that a supermarket stocked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures was amazing to me, but not as amazing as a ferry bookshop that stocke Shaun Hutson's *'Spawn' ..bulbous heads all round ) and perfectly capturing modern-day annoyances, e.g. "I just downloaded a wicked song onto my mobile and now I'm going to play it loudly on the bus" from 'mobile speakers'

As a film geek the 'end credits of movies' war is one of my favorites, viddy

Adam's The Hours


Joe's The Shining!

*As if you didn't know where Garth Marenghi's Darkplace came from

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