Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watchman trailer, hard to know what to think?...


Anonymous said...

Hey Lorcan,
LTRFTW (not to mention long-time friend!). Never held V in the same esteem as most of the comic reading public, so had no great feelings on how the film interpreted it either way.

But Watchmen will always hold a special place in my Alan Moore loving heart, so it's with a sense of impending dread I watch the Watchmen (trailer).
Chris McAree

Bad Brute said...

I FUCKING CAN"T WAIT. And you know how much I revere the crotchety old bearded fucker. Did you reposition yourself on the Emo jibe after learning it was the Pumpkins or did you just breathe out after a bit of self McLuvin' and go all Zen? Go on the Nacrol!