Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fresh Tim and Eric Madness,

Was trying to put the new Ben Folds video "You Don't Know Me" (Feat Regina Spektor) by Tim and Eric (because if represents two of my favorite things colliding) up here but it got taken off the auld youtube for some reason, but it's up on Tim and Eric's Website and can be seen here.

Badbrute also alerted to me to the madness of Tim and Eric's Dancefloor Dale video from Warp: with the missive: We've hosted the video here as it keeps getting banned elsewhere due to some explicit scenes (Allegedly). Warp and Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric) would like to urge you that it's probably not safe for work-depending on where you work of course. Oh and there are flashing lights.

See it here.

Tim and Eric also had a live show here
AVClub Interview with some of the greatest Tim and Eric clips. Tim also does a bizarre anti-stand-up act called Theidecker. Eric's youtube channel. and The Guardian did a article on them recently with quotes from Graham Linehan and Dr. Buckles. Speaking of Adam and Joe, get to the cinema early and you get a minute version of their BBC6 radio show as part of the BBC ad, thank god it's not Chris Moyles anymore!

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