Friday, June 12, 2009

Soap box Arts Festival June 6, 2008, and surrounding days of infamy....

So superstar poet and comedian Marcus Keeley and I took a rock and roll road trip to Norwich to perform at the Soap Box Arts Festival at the Norwich Arts Centre. He to perform numerous poems and smear venietta into his face and me to present my Sex and Superhero Version 2.0: Now with added embarrassing pictures.

Soapbox Youtube Channel some of my stuff should be up there soon.

We stayed for a bit in the Fawlty Towers-esque Landsdowne Hotel. As I had the laptop and media drive with me, first things first was to check the night-time film suitability of the television. I managed this via an Alan Partridge-style 'mirror trick' of putting the television on it's side which made in squawk and turn everything a frightening grey.

On Friday we went Tim Clare's book launch for his book 'We Can't All Be Astronauts', which can be bought here. Tim also had a bit in the Independent about getting published.

This isn't Tim Clare, it other Norwich literary luminary Nathan Hamilton. We all went to the Birdcage and Havana, well I went to Havanas others had more sense.

Amy Nicholson

Jim Thompson and Slightly Offensive Steve

Marcus and organisers Amy Wragg and Jim 'The Legend' Thompson

Arts Centre Dressing Room

Sex and Superheroes Lecture.

Batman and his wee ballbag

Judge Dredd: The Early 1990s Cardboard N' Guinness Years

Sean the Spudtrooper


Organiser Stewart Harrington rips it up

On the way home, my regular train-ride/Viz combo no Drunken Bakers this issue, however.

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