Friday, June 12, 2009


These pics are from a while back, but I love 'em. They are by fellow Irish comedy superstar Marcus Keeley and document a lovely post gig visit to Forbidden Planet in Belfast where myself and Gerard McKeown checked out the 'Goth Section'.

There is nothing that makes an aging geek happier than a large, soft core erotica photograph book.

Sure aren't we all 'broke but fixable'

I haven't bought this yet, on my last visit I spent 4.99 on this gem, but I went to visit the above and it seemed to have it's wanking/arrow pulling hand broken off. Thought 'Broke but Fixable' would be a good/wanky name for a comedy stand up show.

Let me get some action from the goth section!!


sure, aren't we all livin' in a Ghost World

"wow, that's lovely...I can't afford it though"

For prosterity my first major headling gig! at the Pavilion Bar

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