Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello there, would you like a lick of me cone....

Must have a think about my dress sense as I have recently been mistaken as a priest twice in the last few weeks. I suppose I do dress in black, read books, and am celibate, although not by choice. Will be on Today FM... tomorrow and have some other top stand up dates coming up:

Wednesday, October 21, Alison Curtis of Today FM will be broadcasting from McKenna's in Monaghan, home of McKenna's Brew Ha Ha Comedy club between 10 and 12am. Will be doing an interview talking about comedy and club. McKenna's is the Ulster finalist in the Platinum Pub Award 2009.

Friday November 7, Voicebox, Marcus Keeley's night at the Safehouse, Belfast

Saturday November 14, Stand up at The Bankers, Dublin,

Friday November 27, Mr and Miss Soapbox, St. Gregory's Centre of the Arts, Norwich

Saturday November 28, Laugh out Loud at the Rose, Norwich.

In other news:

Jodie Foster is super-pleased to be in a brass band.

...and George Clooney discusses digital stimulation techniques with President Barack Obama.

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