Saturday, May 07, 2005

Althussuer and Apocalypse Shopping.

I remember reading in this book about a friend of Louis Althusser coming to visit him and seeing a sheet paper in the middle of the floor. Returning something like 8 years later, he returned to discover the very same piece of paper in the same place. I think academic work is 99 percent finding the right bit of paper just at the moment you need it, so I’ve been going through one of my crazy filing reorganizations to remind me of what actually is in all the folders and boxes that surround me in a cocoon of print (whether this cocoon is to protect me from society or society from me remains to be seen). It’s frightening, I came across one the first letters I sent saying I would be interested in doing a PhD and it was dated 2001! fucking hell, If I’d being thinking about this stuff that long I should be done by now.

I’ve also been on a crazy Batman binge * with a constant stream of his animated incarnations: to see what gems to foist on my department in a seminar on Monday and editing together bits of probably the best Batman movie of all time and a great episode of this called ‘Tales of the Dark Knight’. Last weekend, I had £17 to buy enough food /drink for the week, and still managed to spend the £4 it cost to go and see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, well I thought, celluloid has been filling hungry bellies for over a century. It worked too, the film was great, then again I’m just happy to be out the room! And the trailers (Star Wars, Batman Begins and Sin City) had no small part to play in how much I liked the main film. I get so excited at the trailers when I’m at the cinema, I almost forget there is a main feature and the get excited all over again when the film starts—hence my frequent solo film watching, most people think the trailers are there to miss and/or talk loudly through. Then it was off to nearby Morrisons for a spot of what I call ‘Apocalypse Shopping’: This is where one stocks up on pasta n’ sauce, super noodles and tinned crap so one could, if necessary, stay in indefinitely (as in a nuclear holocaust) to conserve funds, slowly developing the scurvy and mental instability that has been driving people’s PhD’s for many a generation. But I’ve learned this to my cos: whatever you’re circumstances, don’t stoop to the level of ‘Bettabuy’ coffee. Seriously, it’s like paying someone 35p to douse your head in a muddy puddle, that’s even after I ‘cut’ it with the final quarter or so of a jar of Kenco. Drinking it made me shiver, in a horrible someone just pisssed on my grave way, not a relaxing piss-shudder whiskey way. This weekend was slightly better and I am now ready to embark on another 24-hour writing lockdown—no tv, phone, Internet…so I have to now unplug that little procrastina-tube reuter until about 4pm tomorrow…bye for now…


….beeee, (imagine the blog equivalent of that girl playing tictactoe with the scary clown on the old BBC test card).

*Like this is some sort of blog-worthy news? I've been on a 'Batman binge' for like 16 years.

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Caddy Powers Jr said...

110% correct about the best Batman film. A much overlooked gem. Now if they'd only release the boxset of the Animated series over here ...

Although after reading your post I'm frustrated by the fact that I was screwed with trailers. When I saw 'Hitchhickers' all I wanted was at least one trailer of Star Wars, Sin City or Batman Returns. Instead I got 'Monster In-Law' thrown at me.

Not really sure if J-Lo and Jane Fonda 'wacky' comedy was best targeted for audiences of the 'Guide'.

Oh well, at least it looks like I'll be seeing Star Wars 3 without seeing any footage before hand.