Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fabe and Jimmny's art happening

Just a short post to foist some the graphic depictions of my demented mind on ye all. Myself and a fellow PhD and comic fan, (a man of more names than me*...Fave, Z. Graves, Jo Rounders) decided to show some of our paintings round at chez Homunculus on Saturday. As he would note we have a similar artistic predicament:

Technically--just about--too proficient to qualify as authentic "Outsider Artists", but beyond that all bets and speculations are off.

We managed to show our "Middling-Bad" art by pure chicanery, duping people with promises of alcohol, pringles, saucy dances and such (like in those shindigs what grown-ups have). If any of my 'readership', if such a thing exists, were there, thanks for coming. Also thanks to the special lady friends of mine who planted some interesting pictures on my digtal camera, I'll have to leave it unattended more in future, you've made and old man very happy, again.

Imagine the guests' surprise and horror, upon entering, as these perverted insanities glowered at them with their beady one eyes. Some guests attempted a spot of psychoanalysis into my mental state. No mystery to those who have the pleasure/misfortune** of hearing me hold forth on such subjects as comics, fetish photography and She-Hulks, (not to mention she males). If there was one below a single entrendre that'd describe these works, (a minus-entrendre?) but props to the friend who claimed he could see the visage of my supervisor within the stare of the she hulk.

More pics are up on my 'art' blog The Jimmny Homunculus Arts Hole.

*The pseudonom list thus far, in order of creation: The Chief (understandably hard to make new acquaintances believe that one, but those in the know, know), Hunter T. Crumb La Rue, Claude Van Der Hoof, Bubba Scrutt, and Jimmny Homunculus.

**Delete as applicable.

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