Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Leavin' on a tiny wee flybe plane....(hopefully)

Thought I should send wee 'Happy Christmas' to one and all that has the mis/fortune to read this site. have to hand in major stuff 30,000 finished words by January 3 so am frantically typing up notes etc so as to have to bring about 20 books on the wee flybe plane. In Dublin tonight with some of these fine folks (see below) boon companions from back in old days and all the days since!. Listening to the great Phantom Fm to gauge what's hot on the Dublin 'scene'.
Might get to meet up with a certain dumb riffer and a certain comic strip master

Books I've packed:

Lacan's Ecris

Bataille's Eroticism

Kaja Silverman's Male Subjectivity at the Margins

Susan Bordo's Unbearable Weight

Peter Brook's Body Work

Vicki Kirby's Telling Flesh

(I imagine my suitcase bursting open at the airport just as a a stereotypical American Cheerleader walks past and says "good luck with that" and then goes off and has losts of amazing sex....

playing with the idea of chucking in Powers of Horror as well but I think the above's enough . I'm gearing towards runnign through the hard core theory side rather than some of the stuff on sueprheroes and contemporary movies, because some of them just make me cry and i'm not lugging them to Monagahan and back, if I read once more that Robocop is 'invincible' I will crack up, have these film scholars not seen Robocop 2? where robo gets handed back to the cop shop in pieces ala C3p0 on chewies back? Not unlike Wolverine, Robocop's cyborg makeup allows him to suffer more pain and survive than normal humans, but that is surely fundamentally different than being invincible. I'm hoping that locked away in rural Ireland, away from broadband too many bad film books and my part-time work I can get back to writing stuff I really agree with and like rather than stuff I chrun out because I'm late for a deadline, my crazy red room, the first batcave awaits, hopefully it's many comics and hardback books on sciecne fiction will an inspiration!

Hope you all have a great Christmas and happy new year and that, thanks for putting up with the crazed Jimmny guff and bobbins for yet another year.

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