Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Teaches of Peaches....

Had to do a sort of blurb thing for the art college teach at to describe my work! Not as easy as it sounds, I couldn't very well say "my research interests include reading She Hulk comics with my wee paws down my pants, could I?"

My work combines feminist, psychoanalytic and gender studies approaches within the area of what is broadly known as 'corporeality' or 'body' theory and applies them through close textual analysis to contemporary movies, animation and comic book texts in the broad genre of fantasy, science fiction and horror.

My seminar sessions will take contemporary texts such as superhero movies and comics, fantasy cinema and animation and consider such issues as body image, genre, consumption and fandom through encouraging students to critically assess this pervasive popular medium in terms of gender and body image.

"P.S. I *heart* Mucky Books"

balls hate when all this admin stuff piles up when I'm trying to write, I'll get aout 8,000 words of a 15,000 word chapter in today. Was supervising a mature student day and her kid came and he was running around the room like a loon in his 'Bob the Builder' coat and turning off and any electrical appliances he could find in the room: fans, computers, the fecking expensive electrontic data projector! the student just igonored him like he wasn't doing anything wrong while I'm trying to discuss corporeality and gender issues.

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