Sunday, February 04, 2007

Buzz Sweets=Chav Kid Crack (CKC)

My Sundays suck, it's recurring neightmare where no matter what time I go to bed on Saturday night (mind you it is normally 5am) I always end up staring at my phone at 10am thinking how long I can stay in bed and still make it to work to provide roasts for the lovely people of the Golden Triangle area. Last night I got to bed relatively earl (1am, earlt for me) I hadn't been in on a Saturday night for ages and forgot how bad Saturday TV is, it's like some sort of parallel dimension of badness, when I saw Al Murray's Happy Hour, I felt like I was watching Storm Saxon or something. Thank god for the great Harry Hill's TV Burp, makes a Saturday night in that bit less suicidal.

Anyway after work on Sundays, I normally go the Londis round the corner and buy three for a £1 "Buzz Sweets" (this week's choices: Shrimps, Strawberry Fizzy Logs, Blackcurrant Rings). Normally go round to see Double H, aka H-Factory, but she wasn't in so I have to eat them all myself and my teeth hurt. These are the Norwich Chav kid equivalant of crack or something so I call them CKC for sort, they cause hyperactivity, itchy teeth, and the little guy on the packet starts singing 'Scooter' songs at you if stare at him too long. Man I really need, to go brush my!

*God these sound like euphemisms for down below diseases, "oh I can't go out tonight because I've got a blackcurrant ring and I keep laying strawberry fizzy logs".


Anonymous said...

genius mate, spot on, I'm addict of fizzy blues myself.

Ben said...

I found a foot shape cola bottle in the pack of fizzy cola bottles. Do I win anything???

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

omg i love the blackcurrant and peach rings! fizzy mix is nice as well. how many cals per pack though?? worrying i can't find these on the net!