Monday, February 05, 2007

Trivial Pursuits

Spoilers below, if you haven't seen Children of Men (I don't know what constitutes a 'spoiler' most films I watch are spoiled by a) the actors, storyline, directors, composers gaffers, best boys and everyone else who even ate a doughnut on set or b) my jaded and cynical outlook.

I have just watched the fine Children of Men on DVD. It's very good but with some, sledgehammer moral/politcal points. Phew, lucky a white English man is on hand to deliver the African lady's baby and pass on some long forgotten parenting techniques or the human race would be fucked!. A saviour ship at the end is called Tomorrow what about calling it 'Hope' or 'This is the end of the film insert your own moral here and dispose of your rubbish in a bin'.
There's even a Kula Shaker track on there, is this not meant to be the future? No one plays Kula Shaker now, how could they conceivably be played on radio in 2027, even nostalgically. Who were those Mad Max types hiding in the woods? Why can't characters just drink and smoke anymore without each vice been despatched in a symbolic way/useful plot device? Kittens, cows, greyhounds etc., why is infertility only a human disease?, thought for moment in the greyhound bit that the race shown on the screens was prerecorded and they would watch an empty track in a poingant surreal scene....but no. See in science fiction you have to explain things like this, but if it's mainstream literature you can leave gaping plot holes and it's ok.
Check out this Salon review of the film apparently it's really great and original, if you never watch or read any science fiction, good as it is Children of Men is to dystopic science fiction as Unbreakable is to proper superhero movies.

Anyway, as if my custom, I checked the trivia and found this gem:

When Owen enters the dining room in Battersea power station, the large black and white mural behind him is "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso. The painting was Picasso's expression of disgust over the Nazi bombing of Gernika, Spain during the Spanish Civil War, which killed an estimated 1600 civilians.

Wow! I was wondering what the big squiggly picture thing with the wonky horses was. Top 'Trivia' there imdb kids, what else might they discover:

In Apocalypto Jaguar Paw is saved from sacrifice by an eclipse of the Moon. The Moon is Earth's only natural satellite, visible at night, you know that big white circly thing. The Earth is that big ball under your feet.

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