Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's good to see some people think about She-Hulk more than me

Check out this post via She-Hulk fan blog speccifically on Peter David's, 'super-strong vagina thesis':

I think any normal man who would have sex with She-Hulk is courting disaster. I don't care how stiff your stiffy is: She-Hulk's vaginal muscles alone, if she were to orgasm, would be enough to earn you a trip to the E.R. The price of a tumble with She-Hulk being broken bones pales in comparison to the prospect of a broken boner because, yes kids, it can break, and not all the king's horses, men or Viagra will put Humpty back together again. Lambskin Trojans? Forget that. Tony Stark must have used an amored condom. The Invinicible Iron Man Thing. conclusion...'sheesh'

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trollop23 said...

Hey stranger! I posted some pics of cute chicks at the Comic Expo in my town.
Email me, let me know what's going on in your world!
If you're gonna be in Denmark, Berlin or Amsterdamwithin the next coupla weeks, let me know.
C'mon, big fun party time in Amsters....sounds like it's a good idea. Get your pals and organize a comedy fest in Amsterdam for the last week of May - we'll totally pay to see you!!