Friday, May 02, 2008

Laters yeah? Lorcy's London debut, Comedy Cafe, Shoreditch April 30, 2008!

Jimmny's gonna write you up something good!

Just back from my London debut at The Comedy Cafe a lovely venue in trendy Nathan Barley-style Shoreditch. It was very exciting, went early and was in London about 6 for a 9pm show. Went to a pub around the corner the Barley Mow and got to preparing. When young Tom Moran did it he got a 8-10 min slot but there was a lot on my night so I only had 5-6 minutes, so had to cut loads of stuff at short notice but it went really well. I may have talked a bit too fast but did better than the guy on after me. During his set (something bland about shampoo bottles) a girl who was really pissed fell over with an earthshattering clunk. He went 'ooeer what happened there?', some bloke in the audience goes :'you sent her to sleep mate!'. In the words of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang...'ouch!' It's a strange but great mixture of open mic night and competition where the best of the night by selected audience vote gets to go on for a paid slot the next week. Didn't win but went down really well, when my name got called out there was a definite cheer from certain pockets of the audience (which inspired this bad stand up joke I just thought of: 'ah well, I am an acquired taste, must me all that asparagus I eat)

The demented scribblings of deluded, perverted mind.

My friend Rachel outside the comedy cafe.

The Comedy Cafe has a sort of Beano theme, dad would have liked the fact that they have a 'Bash Street' sign up

I left my camera at my mates' table to take a picture, this is either me finishing or starting, p.s. I'm in the background not the bald guy (the MC) in the foreground.

Was a good opportunity to meet other comedians, met Roisin Mirza (a great comedian from an Irish and Pakistani background) and Lee Hume both from Brighton. There was also a guy from Ipswich and a woman from Dorset can't remember their names because I was shitting it before I went on. (if any of you are reading this and can fill in my blanks that would be great). Then there was about three blokes that were all tall and pretty and too trendy for my liking, Russell Brand has a lot to answer for. One of them had an adoring hot girlfriend than took pictures of every second of his performance. I want my comedians to be bitter, lonely and geeky, not trendy, popular and sexually active, where's the humour in that: 'so yeah, I was banging my hot girlfriend and then I got new tints in my hair from Tony and Guy and then took some coke and banged my hot girlfriend again' comedy gold. These guys could have been models, but pretend to be geeky and dysfunctional, meanwhile the real geeky and dysfunctional guys, i.e. me just seeth from the sideline. Oh yeah and one had that Ricky 'ipodge' Gervais habit of reading tabloid headlines in his act: in reference to Derren Brown being gay...'mindbender', you feel like going, yeah but The Sun came up with that, not you.

P.S. cheers to Rachel, Lisa, Laura and Corin for coming to see my demented ramblings. All in all a very pleasant and enjoyble trip to London, (just to prove to Norfolk people that nice things do happen in London, not just murder and multiculturalism, the two things Norfolk people fear most) the next day I wandered around Soho (of course, I walked past a strip joint at 10am and it was open and a lady asked if I wanted to come in, a)who's dancing nude at that hour and b)what loons are looking at it, the answer would of course be me if I had that sort of money to waste) and walked via the British Library to King's Cross. Bought this book for 2 pounds in a remainder shop across from the Library.

Just back from a Smoking Mic gig in Attleborough, went well, mostly new stuff, they seemed to know who Rocco Stiffredi was which always helps with my stuff. The room was mostly pissed blokes though about 3 women, including one loon with a bumbag which had a gollywog toy dangling from it, must be all the rage in Attleborough. We're in Trowse next Friday.

Oh and I have another London open mic on May 22 at Downstairs at the King's Head in Crouch End. So there'll no doubt be photos and rants on that one too.

Catch you later dudes

I wuv you



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