Friday, August 01, 2008

A Couple of Couples of Comics, The Standing Order, 62-66 George Street, Edinburgh 2nd-23rd August

Four young* stand-ups join forces to take on jokes too big for any one comic. Chortle Funniest Student finalist Jon Brittain, John Kearns, Lorcan McGrane and Tom Moran present a fast-paced hour showcasing their eclectic, usually ridiculous and often outrageous thoughts on life. 2-23 Aug

Show every night 21.00-22.00, free/voluntary contribution at the end.

62-66 George StreetEdinburghEH2 2LR, UK
PH: 0131 225 4460
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it's great to be here, etc.! Sorry I haven't been blogging buch recently been slaving away at various kitchen and bar jobs to have some funds for the Edinburgh trip, see above, a draft of our flyer created by Tom's very talented (and bizarre) illustrator brother Bob, his site's here.
More details:

Google Map of the Standing Order
Listing of the show on the Fringe Website
Free Fringe Listing
Chortle UK Listing

I hope to be uploading the odd picture here and there whenever I can get online during the month but in the meantime I can heartily recommend my online-homies Clamnuts, Trollop 23, Karl, Joe, Coungo and Khmer.

Well, almost ready to get the bus 7.50-11.20 to London and then 12.00-21.00! to Edinburgh, must book flight way in advance for next time, if there is a next time. Have stashed all three volumes of Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions for the trip, although may ease into it with some Viz

So if you happen to be in Edinburgh check out some live Jimmny Homunculus action you won't be disappointed!**

*plus one grumpy old one!
**I don't exactly what your expectations are so you might be disappointed, I'm not dressing up like She-Hulk or anything...not after the last time.


John said...

Knock em dead, big fella!

Joe said...

Good luck Lorcan, hope you have a good time. Oh, and be sure to visit the Camera Obscura for all your optical trickery needs...