Thursday, March 10, 2005

bittersweet ironies of zombie love

With that hallowed day approaching, it was great to get another blast from the past, thanks again to the connectivity of blab-blogs. A comment alerted me to the Web presence of the amazing Sinead, former student politics head honcho and barperson back in the day.

In related Irish person news, Karl over at the great Dumb Riffs has given my grim outlooks on human relations more exposure. Check out the comments, as they have resulted in reimagining Woody Allen films so that they cover the bittersweet ironies of zombie love. A move I feel worthy of inclusion in hilarious Query Letters I Love. Mention of zombies also gives me an excuse to mention the blog of top movie and comic writer John Rogers, whose Daddy Smells Different tackles the important issue of zombie interpersonal relations.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, new literary blog 'Schemes' has foolishly allowed a certain Mr. Homunculus to post frantic gubbins and perverse hallucinations under the guise of sub-morris news satire.

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laura said...

have you read any of the transmetropolitan books? it's got a distinct british sensibility, and it would be nice to know what your thoughts are on that series. it used to be in dc's science series, but they switched it to their vertigo imprint.

also, maybe you've read preacher?