Monday, March 21, 2005

A Brother Seamus? What... like an Irish monk?

As promised/threatened, here are some pictures of blogger par excellence Karl and I's self-styled two-man St. Patrick's parade around Norwich on Thursday. Beginning in Norwich's only proper Irish pub, The Temple Bar, via The Grad Bar and then a place called Imagine (an apt name, once you're there, you try to imagine you're somewhere else). We ended the night with some impromtu drunken cookery and watching the two best post-pub episodes of Spaced and The Big Lebowski, two cultural products that make one glad to be alive.


Ernesto said...

thanks for sharing, mate.

Shite, that pint of Guinness really looks mouth-watering. Damn.

badbrute said...

Dear Christos Chief, you should always leave the camera behind on these debacles. Some of those photos of the pair of you look like test shots for Romero's Land of the Dead.