Monday, July 23, 2007

Jimmny's post-kitchen shift movie of the week....

To encourage writing, I currently keep all my shifts at the bar until the weekend which mean three days of bar/kitchen work and not being able to think about anything smart by the time I finish my 10-5.30 Sunday shift of veg and potato prep and making roasts (there is no escape from the kitchen). Anway I try to go and see/rent some movie with nothing to do with superheroes as a break and to keep up with contemporary cinema, this how I ended up watching The Shit Wicker Man and Captshittery.

This weeks wasn't too bad: Rob McKittrick's Waiting... , official site here, which kinda does for working in kitchens/restaurants what Office Space did for working in offices. Some of the aspects of kitchen work, such as the customers that arrive 2 minutes before the end of service and the contrast bewteen mad shouting and swearing in the kitchen and the forced pleasantry of front of house is well captured. In the kitchen, my top 3 swears (in other of severity) on receiving orders are:

1. aw, ballbags
2. aw, bollocks
3. aw, cunty bollocks.

Since seeing Blade: Trinity, I kind of have a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds he's not quite weird enough looking for character roles (and here he has to act along side Luis Guzman and Chi McBride, masters of being 'that guy') but he's not quite dashing enough to be a leading man. I think he'd make a good Flash, but that project seems to have stalled a bit and he might not be in the role. It also has a cameo from Wendie Malick from Dream On fame and a good performance from Anna Faris and generally more drinking, smoking and sex the normal contemporary comedies.

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