Friday, July 27, 2007

Tom Green live, proper chat show, none of this tell us about your new film shite...

I'm a backwards man, I'm a backwards man.....

I was working down the abstract mines when Freddy Got Fingered came out and marvelled at the negative critical concesus that delevopled. Once such as concensus is created then people who've never even seen it chime in say it's one of the worst films ever, when, in fact, it's one of the best. It's also got a great supporting cast in Rip Torn, Julie Hagarty, Eddie Kay Thomas, Antony Michael Hall and Marisa Coughlan.

I always found it funny, and in comparison to some of the shite like Epic Movie that comes out these days it is positively cinematic genius. Much to my pleasure many of my friends, both academic and pub/restaurant brethern, love it and many a happy time is spent singing 'dayy would you like some sausage' and 'I found a treasure' to each other. Apart from the post-modern conceit there's not too much that separates Borat from Tom Green in terms of pushing the envelope of physical comedy, but this obvious gross-out element blinds the casual viewer to the tradition of comics like Andy Kaufman and Neil Hamburger.

For the last few weeks I have been loving Tom Green live his current nightly live chat show, direct from his living room and available on itunes and over the Web. It takes a while to get all the references, the show, with audience participation, has created it's own injokes and lingo like 'barrel roll' and unliekely performance like Tom freestyling with the Jurassic Five

Apart from his rapping and skating background, Green displays such a genuine interest in media and technology that for the media geek such a spontaneous nightly chat show is an amazing pleasure, and you can call in on Skype! but it's only live over here at like 4am, wait a minute, I like staying up until 4am! There's also the inspiration that almost anyone can created a live tv show from their bedroom and if it's good enough people will come it eventually, Clive James' Talking in the Library has a similar intimate feel with smart people just smoking drinking and talking on camera it's mesmerising instead of the stilted prescripted questions of most mainstream chat shows.

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