Friday, July 20, 2007

See, this is what would happen if Bruce Wayne was real...

Nothing sinister going on here at all then?....

Henry Nicholas III: Hey ladies, wanna see my 'batcave'

...oh he'd be making a cave alright, it just would be for keeping leather outfits, well it would be for keeping leather outfits, just not for crimefighting:

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The co-founder of semiconductor maker Broadcom Corp., under scrutiny in a federal stock options probe, was accused seven years ago of building an underground hideaway at his estate to indulge in drugs and sex with prostitutes, according to court documents.

Full story ("Billionaire denies building secret sex lair") from the Guardian Here. To add to the life initating art scenario, and evolking another masked millionaire, The Green Hornet, the beanspiller was Nicholas' PA Kenji Kato:

Kenji Kato worked for Mr Nicholas as an assistant for seven years and alleges the tycoon ordered him to provide balloons filled with the laughing gas nitrous oxide for guests at parties held by the businessman. Guests' drinks would be spiked with powdered ecstasy pills, he alleges.

An article from a year ago: Henry Nicholas, Superhero, is strangely prescient...

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