Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Big Laughs at the Big House! 29th June 2009!

So after the tv show auditions thing, see below, it was nice to wander around my usual haunts, and I hung around for Big Laughs at the Big House on the Monday night, which was great becuase we all got to rant about the weekend and see organisers George Quinn, Sinead McCullagh and Graeme Watson (who I didn't realise was a co 'survivor' of academia) again.

I decided to wear a black trouser/shirt white tie combo. Which was good but a size too small because I really wanted the tie and Primark didn't have it in a 15.5. I walked from central Belfast to the Pavilion (down Ormeau Road) which inspired new opening line: "Hello there, I am Lorcan McGrane, but according to some kids I encountered on the way here, I've come dressed as WAAAanker".

With the day that was in it, it was also a chance to get all the poor auld Mickey Jay jokes out of our system. Mine was: "It was very sad about that paedophile that died last week, yep his name was ..(insert name of choice, like someone mundane but possibly vaguely well- known, I choose a semi-famous nonfiction author because, you know, he looks like one) ..and he died when he was stabbed in aorta by a shiv in a secure unit in Belmarsh, but he did release any records, so no one gave a fuck!" What about poor auld David Carradine? that's more like I would potentially like at 70, why do you never hear news reports of the sex experiments that went right?

Am also still laughing at Marcus's unrepeatable Lady GaGa joke and Ruari's great stuff on religion, race, and carbonated drinks.
Scott Calonico of Scott and Stacey fame in pensive mood
he read from the hallowed tome of an Automan novelisation, props!
Marcus was introduced as Belfast's grumpiest gay! not true!

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