Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster...

"He's chosen the g'day lady!"

I don't normally get books from Urban Outfitters beacause they are a bit 'I need to buy something for the geek in my life but I don't really know anything about what they are into so I'll get something like this, cause, like, it's a little bit rude and cheeky. It's not a bad book available here I got in Nathan Barley-magnet superstore Urban Outfitters in Belfast for 7.99. It's basically a collection of Joe Shuster's fetish art, the essay by Craig Yoe is great. What strikes the reader is how not into fetish work the artist obviously is, compared to the likes of Jimmny fave Eric Stanton. I suppose it a book intended for a 'hey look at this wacky book' at a party style thing, rather than my style of analysis.

I quite like this one because of the wee guy lurking outside the window, He is the husband of the lady and this is a scene of orchestrated nincompoopery (according to my copy of the 1811 Dictionary of the
Vulgar Tongue)

This one's from "Slaves of Gerardo" seems like he's sending a drum style message, or perhaps DJing under his alias MC Allen Jones. More here
Bad Science is great.
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