Thursday, July 16, 2009

Operation Attic imminent! I'll be up in your crawlspace like Klaus Kinski

Check it out, this isn't me obviously above, but the promotional image of a skip the family is renting for a week clear out an the attic. It's good to see what size the skip is, unless he's a midget and he's deliberately employed to make their skips look bigger.

I will also be cleansing the old batcave of anything that isn't a book or a comic. Am implicating a certain sister's boyfriend up the attic with me under a 'what happens in the attic stays in the attic', clause God knows what's up there and I'm going to be squawking like Scooby Doo up there if find any dead mice etc.

We had a plan to get disposble suits and facemasks. More for the craic than anything else, also so I can do Beastie Boy poses. I also find the idea of a disposable suit very futuristic because Alvin Toffler talks about it
in Future Shock

Also the phrase 'I'll be up in your Crawlspace like Klaus Kinski, is of course, a reference to the below 1980s movie, I want to promote as a phrase just don't know whether is more suited as an aggressive 'up in ma grillle' style attack or perhaps a slightly preverse come on line. Who knows, I will probably never say it out loud in either context anyway, perhaps on stage.

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