Friday, July 03, 2009

From the vaults The Trigger..."Thanks but no tanks...comicdom's other violent femmes"

This is from the summer of 1995 I think (might be 1996). Via friend Danny Watkins, I got a placement on Sun Zoom Spark in Galashiels and this was their next incarnation, The Trigger, with NME-style inspirations it had some great articles, note the cover interview by Roger Simian with Traci Lords and although covering music mainly there was normally a cultly style two-page spread. In this particular issue I wrote an article on female superheroes, quel surprise.
The curios are Big Bertha from Blast! magazine and Hell's Angel, Motormouth, and Tuck which would perhaps be unfamilar with anyone who didn't read Overkill or the parallel US publishing of Marvel UK's stuff.

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