Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fringe Favorites 2009: Dr. Brown in 'Behaves'.

Perhaps it was the stand up overload that Edinburgh provides and the fact that even for me seeing my comedy hero Stewart Lee provoked in me maximum respect at his technique but not the constant drain-like guffaws of the majority of the audience, but seeing something different immediately had me on the side of the drain-like. It was on my last mammoth day of show seeing from 10am to about 3am the next day that myself, George Quinn and Pete Maxwell encountered a certain Dr. Brown.

I suppose it's also a love of Tim and Eric too and instill in me the love of well executed awkward pauses and abortive attempts to say something, which Dr. Brown does for a marathon 10-15 minutes or so. Some don't like it, some do. It's a show where you genuinely don't know where it (or you) is going to end up, you could end up half naked applying sun lotion onto Dr. Brown's nipples. The assured acting and the world he creates means audience members just go with it to and extent that would be difficult for other performers. The fact that limply throwing a grape was the worst heckle anyone could muster shows the power of the performance, it must be very reliant on the types of crowd in on a daily basis but I would imagine most people into their comedy would go with it.

It was a tough venue too, The Globe is a sort of 1980s sweaty sports bar that was a reluctant host to the verious freaks and geeks of the fringe as the Nichol Edwards had to shut due to seepage.

There's some youtube clips but it doesn't do justice to actually seeing it:

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