Friday, August 21, 2009

Fringe Favorites 2009: Kabarett's Kleine Komedie oooo Laaaa dee daaaah!

This was in the lovely Voodoo Rooms, which at the right time would create an amazingly fun caberet atmosphere, but even at 6 O' Clock, Kabarett's Kleine Komedie rocked. Part of the great itsy collective it was a welcome break from the stand up and hear some top music emanating from classy, statuesque ladies in the form of the The La De Dahs who do 1940s style harmony covers of the likes of Radiohead's Creep.

Is like a funnier, smarter and less smug Sarah Silverman and also does a neat line in one of my favorite funny things: rocking out loads and going mental and then doing something really delicate like placing a chair on its side very carefully and slowly.

Ben Lurman continuing the musical theme there was the great Ben Lurman:

I suspect you may want hear the original?

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