Saturday, May 06, 2006

Aural Pleasures: Good.

Although it is no doubt hard to erase the last post from your memories, (I know it is mine), the original reason I wanted to do an aural post was to mention of the fine free and legal music I've been downloading. while googling Chris Morris's great Pixies spoof 'Motherbanger' I came across Blast of Fresh Air a monthly newsletter with themed downloadable Mp3s from WFMU, an independent station with a great stream and blog (currently with 39! count 'em versions of Zep's Stairway to Heaven).

On a similar note, there's Coverville a podcast specialising in great covers including a great April Fool's show with a supposed original version of Britney Spear's* Oops I did it Again by Louis Armstrong. Their podcast section includes great shows like Antique Phonograph Music Program and Sinner's Crossroads with Kevin Nutt.

Oh and there's a rare good band discovery from myspace with The Bran Flakes, which seem to be one of the few bands who have not sent one of those friend request things, maybe because they seem to be actually good!

John over at Counago & Spaves has thankfully alerted us to the Web presence of Frank Sidebottom who as some might remember, I'm looking your way newly found bro(s) Caddy and Bryne, as one of the characters of Oink. Frank should really do a duet with Artex Monkey!

*Christ! I thought this was spoof Web site but it's actually the official one. It looks like it has been designed by one of those ladies who are obsessed by unicorns a little bit too much.

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