Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The future of Jimmny....

Man, I wish I had time to post more, don't worry though, I'm keeping a list of things I want to post on, mostly how You Tube is sucking my eyes out one grainy perverse minute at time. Or how American Apparel is my favorite company, but not for its clothes.

I'm curently in the marking hole, which is a bit like the pit in Silence of the Lambs 'It takes its pen and it scrawls 'is this relevant?' and 'where's the evidence?' over and over'. Occasionally great things get lowered into my hole (ooff! bad word choice) and I get to take a wee break (and another!).

Whilst in town today to pick up essays from the art college I picked up what is my wet dream Vice's Comic Issue. This great article on geeks and their collections is amazing, like looking into a mirror. Check out Zorikh above, proof that any goon with long hair can get away with moirder lady wise. How the fuck did this 37-year-old mulleted mook get his sweaty pudgy wee hands on a 24-year-old sword weilding lady. Listen to this guff:

Jessica, you’re Zorikh’s girlfriend. Are you also really into comics?

Jessica: Not entirely, but I do appreciate the art form, especially when Zorikh gives me an analysis and explains the whole process that went into the creation of these books. I’m a very physical, kinesthetic person, while I think Zorikh is more verbal and visual.

Christ I'm already imagining their 'love games' in my head, it's not pretty:

Zorikh: 'dost may I tip thou' fair lady's maidenhead with my mighty sword handle'
Jessica: 'Indeed, come hither Zorikh and fill me with thoust troll fluid'

I'll have to try and mark with that image in my head! so my about 5am essays will have things like 'Zorikh seeks to damn thoust grammer to the orc pic of bejazoidus.

Fellow insominacs please comment to preserve my sanity!


Anonymous said...

just because you requested comments...

I am looking forward to your post about why you love American Apparel. I work there!

If you need more procrastination material check out the Daily Update Blog on our site.


badbrute said...

Preserve your sanity? That implies existence therof . Alas, poor Chief, we know better...

Anonymous said...

Having been in a relationship with Z for many years, I can tell you that the boy is excellent with his lance. ;D